VashanModificationmodule$50-1001 bids$50 average bid29th of September 2014

video 18 or over passgate

I have a site and I notice that more and more adult are adding content I posted private videos but I what I need is a way for adults to post their videos without it being viewed by younger members on my site. I need some type of gate for members to confirm ther are 18 to see the other videos. even if its a simple click here if you ar 18 button or leave if you are not 18 button but I dont want to videos to be accesiable by all members just th ones who want to view it. Does anyone know of a mod or way to create this?

boonexpert8th of October 2014bid: $50  timeframe: 1 daysPermalink
Hi, Ready to get it done. Timeframe is one day. Please feel free to pm me.
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