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Video Comments, Storage, Uploading.

Good Day,


We have dolphin 7.0..6 running on 3 boxes...

1. Dolphin (LAMP)

2. Dolphin(Mysql) Databases

3. RPM Server


Our Videos are not uploading or working.  Post a VIDEO comment starts a session.  Flash requests control of the camera/mic.  Video controls are visible.  You are able to record.  But the VIDEO has endless PROCESSING.  Uploading a YOUTUBE link fails as well.  It seems NONE of our video functions except LIVE CAM, LIVE CHAT, Etc are working.  All recorded video fails.


Looking for someone to troubleshoot video issues.


http://www.hellopages.com - NOTE: Only members can create video... Membership is free ;)





smile4sammy12th of July 2011bid: $100  timeframe: 2 daysPermalink
We can fix the site video problem for you. Best Regards, Global Solutions - www.gsgroup.info
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