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website to fix


I have big issues with my website.

It doesn't appear anymore. I did some major work on it on the 13/05/14 at about 15:30 and for some reason, everything blocked. I think it's because i had backed it up from a version that already had problems and then, i posted a lot of content on that one.

I'd like to find someone to reinstall the website and keep the database from the date mentioned above.

I also spent an awful lot of money on modules that don't really work. I really need them to work in order to start earning money and starting my business.

I'm not a webmaster but i'm willing to learn.  I offer 99$ if you fix everything.


vanessa_lopez19th of May 2014bid: $100  timeframe: 2 daysPermalink
Dear, How are you? I gone through the detailed requirement as well as the given link and I am sure that I can provide you the exact one which you are looking for. Please add me on Skype: cis.vanessa or sent me the details om we can also have a quick call so for the telephonic discussion. Awaiting for your response. -Regards, vanessa
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Message me in skype $80

Thank you very much for your offer but i've actually managed to fix my website :) !
I reinstalled it and it seems to work.
But thanks again!

DO NOT do any work for this person. This person is a fraud. He/She has bought products from me and installed them on their site then opened a Paypal dispute claiming that the products were not received.
> I also spent an awful lot of money on modules that don't really work.

could you please list/enumerate them here please?

in orer to fix'em and help you

Thanks in advance
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