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FREE MOD - DeeEmm Profile Edit Redirect


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Added: 04.08.10

Updated: 11.08.10


Tags: deeemm, free, modifications



Technical Checklist...

If you would like to redirect users to a different page after editing their profiles, then make the following changes.




if( empty( $this -> aErrors[0] ) and empty( $this -> aErrors[1] ) ) { // do not save in ajax mode
                if (!$this -> bAjaxMode or $this->bForceAjaxSave) {
        $this -> saveProfile();
        $sStatusText = '_Save profile successful';

Add underneath...

header("Location: index.php");

It's a bit of a hack, but if the profile save is successful, then it will redirect the user to the index page.

Simply change the page to suit your needs.

Please Note:

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Thanks works fine! Check also Vendor`s Website!
I just put this to good use. Thanks!
This is awesome. Thanks
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