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this guy never gets back to me I bought a mod and now cant even use it
AlBGleft feedback on eBay Auctions5th of August 2013
This mod not working right :-(
What a fail :(
Paid a lot of money and now nothing :(
Profile is now gone from the creator -.-
me too i paid alot for this mods now there is no download link, i contact boonex yesterday never get a reply from then too, i need a refund
i purchased this. where is the download link? it says seller was suspended!!
He has been suspended from Boonex, because his modules had to many errors, and his support was very VERY bad! What module did you buy?
i bought this template back when it was more expensive and yet still any time i want an updated copy i have to write them and add it to my cart, i guess it is too difficult to leave it there for those who have already paid for it, i have never had this problem with any other developer, i have it and paid for it now so i use it but if i had to do over again i would choose a developer that leaves their products on your cart so you can update when you need to.
I am Beside my self! This module is Awesome. Integration is spectacular! I was having connection problems at the start, but thanks to the advice of derartmedia support, everything worked out fine. The problem was my Twitter Application on Twitter website was flawed. I corrected the flaw and now both of my Twitter Apps are flawless and functioning phenomenal!
Thank you derartmedia.
very good, manäy thanks!!
I installed this, had it running and then all of a sudden I get an error msg that simply says "geocoding was not available: error" any idea where this is coming from? Is it the google keys? I've restored my site to the last db dump when things were working fine and it is still giving me the error msg. thank you!
Don't buy from this scumbag. I got totally ripped off on a template.
Excellent Template for smooth integration with Facebook. I am a satisfied customer and recommend, derartmedia without hesitation. derartmedia's modules and install services has performed extremely well for me.
When I go to Mochimedia Games Importer and click "search" i get the following error:

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/kotaraci/public_html/modules/beckmedia/games/classes/BeckmediaGamesModule.php on line 554

And no results. I'm using Dolphin V7.0.9, please help!
Happy Easter. I have sent various emails, paid you what you asked for and requested numerous times for you to fix your module. Can you please help? This needs to be fixed ASAP.
This theme is one of the great theme out there in it's same category other themes, i have bought this theme and really fast delivery of download link and also really good support from the guy. I have installed fully loaded web no1 can make a difference in FB or mine, Tryit if you want to see fully loaded dolphin web with complete Facebook look and feel.
Nice mod!!
install is quick and easy.
Mod has some minor hickups.

when they are fixed this could be a super mod!
Picture header is not correct (own profile it's there but some one else it's profile it's not)
Picture header height is different
when you move cursor over items you see item id numbers
I entered a comment and it returned: admin wrote 15417 Days Ago whaaat 15417 days ago??? (days are not corrent)
It should be possible to place timeline on profilepage instead of seperate page see more (just like wall feature)
but thanks for a great looking module!!
i already purchase this combo module ... where is the download link... i cant find any where....
Can we get an updated version? Doesn't install on version 7.0.9.
this not work for me because it not supported to spywall.
I filled dispute with .,
May be you can refund me money till you update your version.. as technically you still have my money..your ebay import mod not working for dolphin boonex
stay away from him.. Natan who is super cop here .. recommend this as well. His mods make site redundent
hi Please resolve this and reupload updated version..
Installation of: Beckmedia eBay Auctions Failed
-- Check the Dolphin version for compatibility: The module is not compatible with your version of Dolphin script
Installed without an issue and works like a charm....
I love this module and it works great as being described by author. Many Thanks to derartmedia
Great work keep it up!
I really like this module for building a large custom footer menu. I tried other "hardcoded" solutions but found this module much easier for creating and updating both links and layout. It installs as a true module... without lots of messy code changes to Dolphin core files. Highly recommend it, especially for sites with lots of main menu links, this module provides an effective way to move 'minor' main menu links to the footer menu. It also provides site admins with a simple tool for see more displaying important secondary links that are normally hidden from view.
This mod has crashed my site 3 times with database error's at least 5 emails have gone out to him to help with the issue and this was the repsonse: "i checked that from my iphone....ojey looks very baaaad :-) please provide ftp-details and admin-access. i will check that." I sent that days ago and still no response what so ever. I uninstalled the mod and I am still getting database error's with direct paths to this uninstalled mod. If you want a headache that the support staff will see more not repond to AT ALL then go ahead and buy it. I have my host tracking it down as we speak to correct the issue's. I gave this guy a chance because dolphin did but there is nothing he could design that is worth his lack of suspport and the headaches that is caused by his complete apathy for his own work... -*-*-*-*

This is not my first time with this developer either and I have now learned my lesson...
Just like the Timeline on facebook, I luv this mod! It works great... I went through and easily changed-up the CSS to better match my site's colors- It's easy! It looks cool too!
What I think is the coolest thing about this timeline is that it has it's own page, which makes it optional....on facebook, the timeline becomes your personal wall, which some people don't care for.
BTW- INSTALLATION IS CAKE! Installs in about.......DONE! Awesome mod man- Thanks!
i bought this, knowing this person tech support sucks.. in desperation and now repenting as why? This mod version won't work on 7.0.9 or updated version. I could have posted email or message to him, but know, he won;t reply or read messages in year, unless I either raise dispute via paypal or seek help of Nathan, (boonex cop)..
so don't waste money if you really want peace and also it won't work in 7.0.9
Yikes. I just paid the difference for the old mod I had so I can get this. I should have read this 1st. Bummer. I just modified all the files that were suggested on this mod (way too much). I am gonna test it now..
DO NOT BUY!!!!!!

Fairly Good product (minus about 20 bugs) but VERY crappy support. and a high risk of being sued by Facebook, for copied right brand infringement.

To be fair although the colours are the same this is nothing like facebook, and it all comes across far to complicated for the user, and not smooth enough to keep your members happy....and they will see it for what it is...a fake version of Facebook

The worst thing is from the start a got very poor and borderline rude , responses see more from the support team. In the end I un-installed after 2 months of trying to get them to fix all the bugs. A bug waste of time and money. Take my advice DO NOT BUY!!!!!!
beckmedia_facebook_our_app key missing
I am getting error at top showing {MemberNick}

plus i am also getting error of Error

Database connect failed

Fatal error: Call to a member function getRow() on a non-object in /home/indiagco/public_html/inc/ on line 421
Great Template and great support from derartmedia! Client was very happy with the end results, they got exactly what and how they wanted their site to look like. Received great support from Derartmedia during the installation of the purchased template/mod. Very happy with the product and great service!!!
This thing is not working with me!
Thank you for creating this module I have wanted it for a long time. Now I can have Pages like facebook for members to create for groups. Excellent service, Module installed easily and great price.
I purchased the module but how do I now download it for installation?
klick "download" here in the productsinfo`s
asked about new version for 7.0.9
and 2 hours later i got it
Does not work in 7.0.9, please update its template
i bought yr games just befor 1/2 hour ago.... it is not compatible with dolphin 7.0.9.... now what to do .... pse help me....
Qucik fix..

Go to modules / beckmedia /games/install - open config.php and scroll down (about line 20 - 30) compatible with: 7.0.8 change to 7.0.9
This is a great mod and I am really impressed with it. I have one problem though. The orca forum does not work when I use this template. I get an error.

Warning: require_once(/home/mysite/public_html/modules/boonex/forum/layout/base_en/params.php) [function.require-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/mysite/public_html/modules/boonex/forum/layout/blue_en/params.php on line 3

Fatal error: require_once() [function.require]: Failed opening required '/home/mysite/public_html/modules/boonex/forum/layout/base_en/params.php' see more (include_path='.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php') in /home/mysite/public_html/modules/boonex/forum/layout/blue_en/params.php on line 3

I do not get above error when I use other template, so that is why I think it is some kind of conflict. Any help would be appreciated. Otherwise very pleased with the mod.
sound interesting.
Thank you, derartmedia!
Very good job!
But I have a few propositions.
1. Will be better if you will edit readme.txt string "http://YOUR-DOMAIN.COM/install.php" -> "http://YOUR-DOMAIN.COM/installer.php"
2. Add point 5.3:
Add two language keys for: _Play and _Pause
Open your http://YOUR-DOMAIN.COM/administration/lang_file.php
Click "Add Key" button and fill the form.

And one.
The present version the Ajax Albums Mod doesn't have a raiting photo tools.
Can see more you fix it bug if possible please?

Regards! its not open what i do ?
Not working for me. Lots of bug and its 3 day, developer didn't responding my pm's. So waste of money.
Nice module... would be better if the programmer replaced "play" and "pause" with buttons similar to the left and right arrows.
How i can remove language selection item from top menu?
Does this template required your Ultimate Mediazone ALL-IN-ONE Videos, Sounds, Photos, Files mods ?
any chance to reply my question ? Sent via pm
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