This mod has crashed my site 3 times with database error's at least 5 emails have gone out to him to help with the issue and this was the repsonse: "i checked that from my iphone....ojey looks very baaaad :-) please provide ftp-details and admin-access. i will check that." I sent that days ago and still no response what so ever. I uninstalled the mod and I am still getting database error's with direct paths to this uninstalled mod. If you want a headache that the support staff will see more not repond to AT ALL then go ahead and buy it. I have my host tracking it down as we speak to correct the issue's. I gave this guy a chance because dolphin did but there is nothing he could design that is worth his lack of suspport and the headaches that is caused by his complete apathy for his own work... -*-*-*-*

This is not my first time with this developer either and I have now learned my lesson...
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