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Ultimate Events and Locations


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Added: 01.06.10

Updated: 24.05.12

Category: Location

Tags: events, locations, places, destinations, clubs, restaurants, googlemaps, extensions, maps, google


License: This is a commercial product made by beckmedia & dolphin-mods and cannot be modified see more for other than personal usage. This licence is valid for single domain only. Redistribution of this product for free or for a fee without written permission from beckmedia & dolphin-mods is strictly forbidden.

Technical Checklist...







Please get in contact with our support team, if you are customers of one previous location versions.


This is the ultimate Places Module with Events integration.You will get following extensions with this module:


With this module you can create locations like hotels, clubs, restaurants, bars, business-companys and many more and you are able to create events (boonex events) inside locations as well for locations-albums.


- upload photos, files, videos, and sounds

- create events (boonex events) inside locations

- create locations-albums

- comment, rate & share locations


Locations world map supports google-places locations as well.


You can use locations-module for Boonex-Mobile App !



Locations Homepage:

Locations promo (single-colum) with google maps & ajax-categories (can be disabled)

Locations promo (single-colum) with locations tags (can be disabled)


- Google maps block with ajax-categories

- Top, recent,featured & popular locations

- Top events

- Locations visitiors with jquery-slider

- Locations comments

- Latest highlight Locations

- Mobile promo

- Location forum topics

- Location tags

- Categories

Locations Viewpage:

- Google maps block of locations

- Location visitors

- Location albums

- Facebook comments

- Location comments

- Jquery share (sexy-bookmarks)

- Location events

- Photos, sounds, videos, files

- Contact, location & info block



- My visited locations

- My created locations


- Locations world map with ajax categories


- Top, recent,featured & popular locations

Events Homepage:

- Google maps block with ajax-categories of locations

- Jquery events-calender

- Events comments

Events Page:

- Google maps block of event-location

- More events of location

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wow, awesome module - My Members will love it!
The integration with the Events on this module is amazing. If you are looking for an awesome mod this is it. I ordered this and received immediate and exceptional customer service. Words can't describe how happy I am. Everyone should have this mod!!!!


total crap! not compatible with dolphin 7.0.3 ... the seller is unpleasant and wants me to pay to fix the issue. i finally fix the compatibility issue, but the mod generates errors in the database... sent a 2nd email to the seller, still no answer. dont buy!
Too bad with member "ncoquio" We just had this mod installed on our very heavily moded community. In a word EXCELLENT, exactly what we wanted, AWESOME INTEGRATION, highly useful tool. No good community should be without this great Mod. If you have trouble with any mod from this seller, just ask nice for help, and they respond quickly and efficiently. So, we can only say good things about the seller and the product. Buy it Now, make your site better instantly.
My message to all who are on BoonEx community!…If you are not using this mod, or the others, then you are at greater lose. GET IN TOUCH WITH JEAN or Peter AND BY THIS! And My Advice to you! Have Peter or Jean do the install. Do not be cheap! Pay the install and have no worries. You will be VERY HAPPY!

There is nothing I could say about Jean and Peter that has not been said in the pervious reviews. I read them!, and 1 thing I will add to these reviews. Peter and Jean bring a new way of thinking see more to BoonEx community. They add life to the social community!

Finally, I am on their e-mail list, and I monitor every new product comes by these people very closely. I have 3 already, and I will buy 2 more!

Buy it! Enjoy it!
Great product everyone that has reviewed above is spot on. almost 1 am and had a reply for re: support in a matter of minutes.

keep up the good work :-)
Perfect!! Fantastic mod, very well designed and thought out, works flawlessly. Adds another dimension to your site.


Absolutely fantastic mod here. A mod that just about every dolphin site should have as one of its core features. It looks great! Behaves great! and seamlessly integrated into my site. This is my 2nd mod from them in a month and I've got my eyes on a couple more based on my overwhelming satisfaction with the first 2!
Please, help!
I've just bought the mod, but couldn't install, becouse it appears this error message:"Installation of: Ultimate Events & Locations Failed
-- Check the Dolphin version for compatibility: The module is not compatible with your version of Dolphin script". But my version is the 7.0.
What do I have to do? Im in a hurry!
Great Module! A must have for all Dolphin sites!
Hello derartmedia
Can you please help me with the installing of this module on version 7.0.5
i receive the message "-- Check the Dolphin version for compatibility: The module is not compatible with your version of Dolphin script"

I have installed this on 7.0.7 (after a tweak) and it went well. Open the modules/beckmedia/locations/config.php file and scroll down (about line 32) until you see 'compatible_with' => array(
'7.0.0', '7.0.1', '7.0.2', '7.0.3' , '7.0.4'
the last one to whatever version you are using. Also yo save you time, there is also a fix in modules/beckmedia/locations/templates/base/view_map.html
Clear extra code out of the <body> tage to read exactly that - <body> and see more then directly above the </head> tage past this:
window.onload = initialize;
Now the map in the location details page will work.
Thanks for the tip - this worked like a charm to make it work on 7.0.6 too.
hallo ,

ich muss nur wissen was man verändern muss in mein Server.

Weil mein Programmier hat gesagt, da muss was verändert werden. Und er weis nicht ob vielleicht nicht bei der veränderung alles löscht ...

ich habe diese modul gekauft.
Ultimate Events & Locations

Machen sie auch Installation von Ihre Modulen?

Why my location homepage world map don't show icon?
Great mod. Any plans to make a 7.07 version?
I installed this, had it running and then all of a sudden I get an error msg that simply says "geocoding was not available: error" any idea where this is coming from? Is it the google keys? I've restored my site to the last db dump when things were working fine and it is still giving me the error msg. thank you!
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