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DolphinHelp was created specifically for the Dolphin module development and support team of Paul (epaulo) and Prashank. We hope to provide quick response to support issues with our modules. Prashank lives in India and Paul resides in Canada.

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MiBelovedleft feedback on PKForum17th of February 2016
Super product! Best Part of this is the prompt support! Paul and Prashank are REAL!
PKForum is much better and easier to use than the Dolphin forum. Great job guys and Thank You.
Love this Mod I give it 12 starzzzz
Considering I just built a site that was going to utilize the forums pretty good, I decided to go with PKForums instead. I definitely do not have any regrets about that decision. Prashank was super awesome in helping me out tweaking a few things. Thanks Again!!
Great Forum :-) Thank you
ozidoggyleft feedback on PKForum4th of June 2014
Excellent forum.
Need to add, what membership levels can post in individual forums
Admin only posting in individual forums.
SkyForumleft feedback on PKForum1st of June 2014
FIRST, you need to install Dolphin. SECOND, you need to install PKFORUM. What a tremendous piece of work and worth far more than they are charging here. The Fish Forum was terrible, always has been. THIS product solves that problem! Massively outstanding work. Excellent!
newton27left feedback on PKForum31st of May 2014
This is one of the most highly anticipated modules for me! Thanks Dolphin Help, finally a forum to be proud of, and easy to use too. Now I can take my site to the next level!
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