I have installed this on 7.0.7 (after a tweak) and it went well. Open the modules/beckmedia/locations/config.php file and scroll down (about line 32) until you see 'compatible_with' => array(
'7.0.0', '7.0.1', '7.0.2', '7.0.3' , '7.0.4'
the last one to whatever version you are using. Also yo save you time, there is also a fix in modules/beckmedia/locations/templates/base/view_map.html
Clear extra code out of the <body> tage to read exactly that - <body> and see more then directly above the </head> tage past this:
window.onload = initialize;
Now the map in the location details page will work.
Thanks for the tip - this worked like a charm to make it work on 7.0.6 too.
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