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Flash Games Mod with Highscores and Challenges


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Added: 31.05.10

Updated: 24.05.12

Category: Games

Tags: games, arcade, highscores, mochimedia, modifications, integrations, adsense, money, flashgames, ads


License: This is a commercial product made by beckmedia and cannot be modified for other than see more personal usage. This licence is valid for single domain only. Redistribution of this product for free or for a fee without written permission from beckmedia is strictly forbidden.

Technical Checklist...


This is a very big major update of our popular Games-Module that brings a list of improvements and new features.




online-demo: (boonex dolphin 7.0.8)


List of new features in v2:

  • Games-importer
  • Games user-statistics
  • Games dashboard
  • Favorite games now!
  • New blocks on games home (tags, categories, hall of fame, forums topics)
  • Dolphin Boonex 0rca forum integration
  • Browse coins, leaderboard games seperatly
  • Games status icons
  • Adminpanel for featured slider


Most usefully update is the games-importer. Now you can search and import games via dolphin admin panel.


5 New Blocks on Games Home

  • My Favorite Games
  • Games Tags
  • Games Forum Topics
  • Hall of Fame
  • Games Categories

New "My Games" Page

  • My favorited games
  • My game-statistics (This is the first step to a new stuff for game contest or anything else :-))


Integration of new Dolphin Orca-Forum

  • Games Forum Index



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Great mod! Very useful. Thanks!
great mod and nice support.
Awesome mod...Great Support....already made money on the first day of install
I am using Dolphin 7.0.2
And i have followed the instruction step by step! but unfortunately when i am trying to view a profile i get this error

Fatal error: Call to undefined method BxBaseProfileGenerator::showBlockMedals() in /home/mysite/public_html/templates/base/scripts/BxBaseProfileView.php on line 79

Also when i try to delete a game, i get this error

Database query error

I hope to get support from you

@mixsurfer my last mail was:

sending me your ftp details and now this is your answer, i dont understand !!??
@all other members thanks for your reviews and have lots of fun with this great mod!
Great Mod! Your a Rockstar! I also had derartmedia do my installation, very good support! I will do business with them anytime!
Very Happy with this mod. Gives my members something to keep coming back to. The support and communication is Good and real time turn around was phenomenal. I look forward to buying more mods in the future.
I am very happy with Derartmedia service, professionalism, and especially the game mod. I was up and running in less than 12 hours. I purchased the mod that evening and by the morning it was installed. They have a great team with a fast turn-around. I will use them again.

awesome mod! i really like the option to make money off the ads when a game is loaded, thanks for the listing and as always, excellent support
I installed your mod on your site will still not upload games to the site or help you understand what the reason or roll the money
my site
Its ok but i get alot of mysql errors and score errors.
amazing module,many thanks for this great solution.
The games run very smoothly, the installation is a little complicated. I wish I had the ability to remove the Featured Games Slider (Carousel) from the games main page as I don't like the feature but there is no option for this. The games module really does allow for one click addition of games, no problem there. I have been spending the entire day trying to remove this carousel, it doesn't work with my template, if I could have gotten that fixed I would have given 5 Stars... BTW The folks above see more who complained about score errors... You have to select games that transmit scores (they have trophies on them at mochi) I had to figure that out.
derartmedia dont contact me with your problems, but you giving 0 stars for communitaction!!!! But it needs only one second to remove feature slider!!
Some peolples dont know what "communication" means.
But thanks for your words, it was very helpfull :-)

no email from you, but support 2 stars why??
Great mod man, This will bring many people back to my website..
One question... is there anyway i can put bunch of games right away to my site instead of clicking one by one ( post to my site)
thanks again
Wow, this game mod is truly the best out to date. I’m looking at the potential on this module alone to help pay the bills. Not a pay per click but a pay per view!! I’m overjoyed ,elated … I cant stop smiling! I had server issues regards to set-up but soon after the corrections install service was complete. My site is looking better than myspace and facebook and with great developer like Jens I know the future is looking fantastic! I only wish I could give 10 stars across the board because see more this developer deserves it.
Thanks Derartmedia and Jens 10 star developer!
Well it works but there was no option to import all games and no cronjob to automatically import new games. I had to write this myself.

Futermore deleting of games does not work before the missing tables are created manually.

Futermore it would be nice to be able to install this modul without forum support for people who dont like to use the boonex forum!
That is my main issue why i am not satisfied!
what was the cronjob command you used to auto import games?
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The new Dolphin solution is powered by UNA Community Management System.