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Version: 2.0.5

Added: 15.12.10

Updated: 04.06.19

Category: Other

Tags: tag, tagging, sticker, profile, friends, modzzz, comments, flag, interest

Demo:  username - tester,password - test123

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License: IMPORTANT: This is a commercial product made by Stellar Soft and cannot be modified see more for other than personal usage. This licence is valid for one domain only. Redistribution of this product for free or for a fee without written permission from Stellar Soft is strictly prohibited.

Technical Checklist...

Tagging is a trending feature of social network sites. This is the main concept of the popular social site

Tags provide a unique way for members to express their feelings. It is basically a method to post picture comments on a profile. For example, members could utilize this to post birthday cards, love notes or best wishes cards on a profile.

Tagging is Viral and gives exposure to the original owner. When a Tag is selected for sending, it is displayed with the Original Owner and a link to view all other Tags uploaded by that Owner.

Every Tag that is uploaded is stored in the Tag Pool and can be used by another member. Tags are always identified with their original owner though.



Members can choose to send a Tag to multiple Recipients at the same time

Tags can be sent as Private, Public or Anonymous.
a) Public - Appears everywhere as given by the sender
b) Private - Only the recipient can see who gave the tag
c) Anonymous - Recipient will not know who sent the tag

The following Browse and Search Options are available
a) Browse by Most Popular
b) Browse by Recently Added
c) Browse by Recently Popular
d) Search for Tags based on Owner
e) Search for Tags based on Keyword

The Tag Sending page has a block with all Friends listed for easy selection of Friends. Members can Tag non-friends also.

Over 200 Tags are included in different Categories.


Block to display Tags sent, Tags recieved and Tags owned


Tag upload page is included so members can upload their own Tags.

Uploaded Tag can be identified by a keyword or phrase (eg love, funny etc). This facilates searching of Tags with similar theme


Block to display all Tags received by a Member

"Send Tag" button shown in Actions Block that allows you to quickly Tag the Profile Owner


Preview Block on Member Account Page to show the latest Tags received. This is filtered by Day, Week and Month.


Admin can upload new Tags and manage existing ones

Admin can create and manage Tag Categories


When a member Tags another, it is displayed in the Profile Wall.


There are two modes of integration with our Points mod. Administrator can enable the mode of preference.

a) Members gain Points for sending Tags to each other.
b) Deduct Points from members for sending Tags to each other.

You can view my full list of more than 200 mods at
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Just paid for this mod, its the best mod i have worth every penny, im very happy with this feature a must have. thankyou
I had just finish talking to this guy!!!...This guy is an amazing guy!!!...

I love your work...I love your ideas...

I realized that these people have something especial. Hence, I started to follow their developments.

Thanks for your innovation and creativity. Indeed this adds blood to BoonEx..

Keep doing the good job! and remember, there are people across the world appreciate your hard start with me!

again a super module, keep it up
excellent mod and great service thx modzz
paulo rodrigues
what can I say a great product and a must have mod if you want to keep members happy!
Excellent mod for my site. I love that members can add their own which is something I needed in my site, works like it says, very easy to install!
Great Job! extra nice feature of allowing members to create their own tags. Members are having fun with it already.
Just purchase 8 more mods on top of the 11 I bought last week from Modzzz. I'm starting to feel like I have an addiction to Modzzz mods lol they are just so powerful and popular. Each and every mod that I've purchase from Jerome works flawlessly, and better than I had expected, including this one. His prices are very reasonable and his Mods are AWESOME!!! And his services is second to none.
Well Check this out ! I just installed it and already my users going nuts over it LoL ! They love it ! Perfecto Modzzz !!
Great work ! Definitley worth every cent !
Very valuable module, works perfectly. Very easy for installation and great service ..... nearly instant response to questions.
Great .... expect few orders from my side,
Jean Luc
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