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Added: 08.09.11

Updated: 21.05.13

Category: Advertisement

Tags: extensions, ajax, money, banner, ads, profit, advertisement, segmentation, aqb soft, dolphin 7.1

Demo:  username - aqbtest,password - xxxxx

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License: IMPORTANT: This is a commercial product made by AQB Soft. It cannot be modified for see more other than personal usage. The "personal usage" means the product can be installed and set up for ONE domain name ONLY. To be able to use this product for another domain names you have to order another copy of this product (license). This product cannot be redistributed for free or a fee without written permission from AQB Soft.

Technical Checklist...

Do you want to EARN MONEY using your Dolphin script? If "YES" - this module is exactly for you.
This AJAX based plug-in allows you to provide(sell) advertising service to members of your site.
Look: You are the owner of a good and well known site. You have been working too hard and now your members love your site. They come to your site communicate to each other, send messages, upload, record and share their video and so on. Now your site has a lot of traffic and some of your members want to put their advertisement on your site. What do they do? They purchase advertisement and it will be shown on the page they choose(home page, profile pages, member accounts, etc. ). You plan is fulfilled. You start to EARN MONEY. :)
Two types of banners could be created: text based and image based.
  1. Text based banner.User would be able to write some text and title for it. The banner could be pointed to some link. Also the profile's thumbnail would be attached to the banner. This type of banner looks like the user says something to the others and allow view it following the provided link.

  2. Image based banner.It's the common banner represented with an image and a link associated with it.

NEW in this version. Previous versions has a fixed size for all (text and image based) banners. In this version you may create banners with different types. For example, you want to have 400*120 image based banners on home page and 125*125 image based banners on my account page. Now you can do it without any problems.
The module allows a user to choose pages where the banner would be displayed. In the same case, you(as administrator) would be able to set different prices for different pages. For example, you may make the ads more expensive on the home, account and profile pages, because usually these pages are the most visited by site members. To attract attention of your members to banner purchasing you would be able to set a flexible system of discounts for each page separately. All of them will be displayed on the banner purchasing page. Also your members would be able to use the build-in 'calculator' to get the final price for their advertising campaign.
The other useful capabilities for common members:
  1. Preview. Your users will be able to view how their banner will look like before purchasing it.
    NEW in this version.
    Ajax based Preview was added for image based banners. Previously text based banners have the feature only.

  2. Up coming advertisement. It means, that your users could choose start date for each banner.

  3. Segmentation options. Member can choose a category of members who will see the banner. For example, he lives in USA and has a shot where he sells parts for different cars. So, the most part of his clients are men from USA. So, he can show his banner to males from USA only.
    From the advertisers' perspective, the segmentation options increase their conversion possibilities as the ad will show only to a specific desired market. There is no extra cost to the advertiser, but the webmaster makes more money because he has not only a more attractive advertising module, but also more advertising space.

  4. If member purchase banner for a number of pages at the same time, he will be able to manage them separately and impressions/clicks statistics will be calculated separately too. It allows to see what page is better to purchase advertising space on.

  5. Purchase a number of ads at the same time and manage them("My Account" menu -> "My Banners")

  6. Statistics. Users would be able to track the number of impressions and the number of clicks for each banner he has.
    NEW in this version.
    Statistic information is hidden in dynamic panel by default. You may view it by clicking (i) icon in the action icons in right top corner of each banner.

  7. Edit the banner during the advertising campaign.

Administration capabilities. My Banner's administration panel can be found in Dolphin administration panel -> modules -> My Banner. You'll find the following features there
  1. Main settings of the module.

  2. NEW in this version.
    Banner types manager. You may create banners with different types. For example, you want to have 400*120 image based banners on home page and 125*125 image based banners on my account page. The same approach is available for text based banners.

  3. NEW in this version.
    Block manager. The number of pages where your users can have their banners was increased. Now ads blocks are automatically creted for all Builder based pages. Also it's not a problem if you installed some new custom modules and want to sell banners on their pages too. You may easily create blocks for any new builder based pages via integrated Block creator.
    NOTE. If you created new banner type using Type Manager don't forget to create blocks for this type on necessary pages. When it's done, you'll be able to set pricing for the type and it will appear on the member's purchase form.

  4. Pricing for each page with capability to create necessary discounts.

  5. Browse. It allows to browse users' banners. Also the module allows to use pre and post moderation for users' banners. In this case you would be able to approve/disapprove the banners in this section. Banner can be deleted at all if it breaks the privacy and policy of your site. Also when you browse the site as administrator and see some 'bad' banner you would be able to disapprove/delete it immediately from the page you have seen it.

  6. Administrator can grant advertising space for site members for free. It may help you to advertice the banners feature itself on your site. You'll be able to create a number of attractive banners for your own profiles and the other members will want to have their ads too.

  7. The position of advertising block on each page could be changed using default Dolphin's page builder.

  8. NEW in this version.
    Module was integrated with standard Dolphin's membership levels (admin panel -> settings -> membership levels). So you (as administrator) can assign necessary actions(view, purchase, approve/disapprove, etc) to different membership levels. For example, you may allow Premium members to purchase ads only. In the same time only Standard members would be able to see the ads.

NEW in this version.
If you have a lot of banners for the same page and want to show more then 1 banner on the page you'll be able to increace the number via My Banner admin panel. But if you want to display only one banner in the ads block at a time then module will reload banners in the block automatically using AJAX technology.

You are welcome to test it on my demo site( more info feel free to contact me via Unity mail box.

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Note. If you are interesting in similar module (app) for UNA, feel free to take a look at our Banners app which is fully compatible with the latest version of UNA script.
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Quite simply FANTASTIC... this is a breeze to load and install. It does everything Anton says it will. Easy to make your own size of banner boxes and add them to any page.
The admin for your members is great with instant preview before being taken to payment.
Thanks Anton !!!! EXCELLENT
Best banner mod. RECOMMENDED!!
Thanks. We appreciate your oppinion!!!
Great product! So far so good. However, I wish you would have a user guide because I am a newbie and was confused on how to set it up and still have some questions about how it works.
Thank you. :) Feel free to ask your questions via BoonEx internal mailbox or

Excellent Banner Module and Great service by AntonLv
its vry grt module in dolphin to earn morn in the e-commerce field.........
Thank you for the review. We appreciate it. :)
AntonLV (AQBSoft) is one of the best (top 3) programmers with excellent support. Anton's mods are brilliant in every aspect. I would recommend his service anytime and to anybody over and over again. FIVE stars!!!

Keep up the awesome work.
Thank you VERY MUCH!!!
We appreciate your opinion.
Great provider and awesome Module!!! You cant go wrong with the support, I have purchased many Modules here and by far the best support!!!

Thanks again,

You are welcome and thank you for the review. :)
Well Anton what can I say? You are the best and proved just that over and over. Easy to install and setup was easy to understand and to complete. I will give you ten stars for this one. A must to have.
Wow I I love the look and easy interfaces that company this module . Super easy to install and setup. It is a money making module so I am sure it will pay off what I spent in no time. Just one question to Mr. AntonLV on your demo site what template and navigation module are you using ? I really like the look of it and would love to use it on my site. Keep up the good work cuz I think your modules that I am purchasing are wonderful.
Thank you for the comment! We greatly appreciate it!
P.S. Our demo site uses UNI template, which is default for Dolphin 7.0.
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