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Nelly for D7.1 + Orca skin


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Added: 23.05.13

Updated: 31.07.13

Category: Template

Tags: templates, modifications, dolphin 7.1, dolphin templates, gorpus, gorpus team, custom templates

Demo: http://gorpus.com/dolphin71/index.php?skin=nel  username - user55,password - 123456

License:  * IMPORTANT: All rights reserved * This is a commercial product made by GORPUS. see more CO * This product cannot be redistributed for free or a fee without written permission from 'Gorpus Team' * E-mail: info@gorpus.com

Technical Checklist...

"Nelly" - optimized for Dolphin 7.1! (ONE FREE INSTALLATION!)

- Sliding login panel (JS)
- Modified Top Menu Structure!
- Orca skin included into the pack

NOTE: all those who allready bought "Nelly" skin for the previous Dolphin Versions, will get 50% discount! (just pm me).

Optimized for the latest versions of: FireFox, IE, Opera, Google Chrome, Safari

NOTE: the template pack will be updated after EVERY Dolphin 7.1 update, so you'll be able to download here the current template version - sure for FREE!

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Designed/Customized by: Gorpus Team
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