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NickName + Email Controller


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Version: 2.0.1

Added: 03.01.14

Updated: 26.03.20

Category: Other

Tags: extensions, nickname, email, filter, registration, profile, spam blocking, modzzz

Demo:  username - tester,password - test123

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License: This is a commercial product made by Stellar Soft and cannot be modified for other see more than personal usage. This licence is valid for one domain only. Redistribution of this product for free or for a fee without written permission from Stellar Soft is strictly prohibited.

Technical Checklist...

NickName Restriction

This allows administrator to block certain words from being used as nicknames. Eg. Admin, Administrator, Owner, Webmaster, curse words, etc.

The mod is very flexible. When setting up the banned words, you may chose to :
→ Block only the full word.
→ Block NickNames that starts with the word.
→ Block NickNames that ends with the word.
→ Block NickNames that contains the word as a part of it.

The mod also have the ability to block NickNames that are numbers only. Administrator can turn this option on/off in the settings.

Email Restriction

This allows the site Administrator to control access to the site based on the email entered. It is a very good way to keep spammers and idlers away from the site.

Email Restriction can be used to :

→ Restrict potential site members from registering on your site with the non-existent email addresses.

→ Fight against bots which register with thousands of fake emails and then bombard your site with spam content.

→ Restrict potential site members from registering using free email services.

You can allow or deny access based on Top Level Domains - This means you can set up a list of addresses which will either be able to register on your website or prevented from registering on your website. For example, you can allow members to register with .com, .org or .biz domain names. You would add these to the domains predefined list.

You can allow or deny the usage of email addresses based on hostname substring :

For example, you may not want users with hotmail or gmail addresses to register on the site. In this case you would add, etc to the blocked emails predefined list. On the converse, you may want persons to only use these emails to signup

Another example, you may not want users from the "loveyou" hostname to register because you have identified this as associated with spammers. In this case you would add,, etc. to the blocked emails predefined list.

The Email and Domain lists you create can be used as allowed lists or blocked lists. You can configure in the module settings how you would like each list to be used.

Optional MX validation - This checking can be turned on/off in the settings. It checks if a mail exchange record exists for the email hostname. The MX record is an entry in a domain name database that identifies the mail server that is responsible for handling e-mails for that domain name. With this validation you verify whether or not the hostname accepts email, but it will not verify whether or not the exact email address itself is valid. You can use this validation to block garbage emails that otherwise would have valid syntax.

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really saves time from having to monitor every single person that signs up, this does the work of screening for you, making sure people stick to the terms of service and guidelines you set. no more offensive usernames or spam email providers! Thank you 5 stars *****
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