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Octavia Splash Page 7.0/7.1 + JOIN form


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Added: 07.12.11

Updated: 31.07.13

Category: Template

Tags: prepage, splash page, gorpus, design templates, design template, custom designs

Demo: http://www.gorpus.com/dolphin7/splash_oct.php  username - user55,password - 123456

License:  * IMPORTANT: All rights reserved * This is a commercial product made by GORPUS. see more CO * This product cannot be redistributed for free or a fee without written permission from 'Gorpus Team' * E-mail: info@gorpus.com

Technical Checklist...


New addition to Octavia Template!

The mod redirects your visitors to the splash page first, moreover they will be able to login and JOIN from here.
ONLY 9 fields for registration + captcha on the second page!
in case you want to use "Couples" profile type, some additional (required) fields can be set up on the second page too.
NOTE: registration fields on the second page are managed through Dolphin Admin Panel!

LIVE DEMO: Octavia Splash Page

- JS photo slider
- the pack will be updated after EVERY Dolphin 7.0 update, so you'll be able to download here the current version - sure for FREE!
- the Pack supports Multilingual System!!! (so you can manage all the texts on the Splash through your Dolphin Admin Panel)
NOTE: if you will have any troubles with adding language keys - just let us know! we'll help you! the service is also FREE!
"Octavia" Skin for Dolphin 7 : http://www.boonex.com/m/octavia-for-d7-orca-skin
Click HERE to see our other products.
Designed/Customized by: Gorpus Team
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tim is the best. he takes care of his clients and would rate him a 5 star. installed template and runs great. i highly recommend. him to any boonex member.
very good very nice i get all the support i need after i pay for this. he is the best at all time.
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