In reply to Smart Tests 1.0
This module does exactly what is described in here by AntonLV. After installation at, I must say that I did not have a good first impression, but it is because I did not understand how the module should work. Because of excellent customer support, I was able to understand how it works and then realize that it is a great module with great potential!!! Although it is missing some features, I still like it. I think this module will become perfect if (1) videos can be uploaded with questions, see more (2) test takers can be provided with explanations to the answers, (3) and access to test creation, test taking, and test view can be controlled in membership control panel like most other modules.
Thank you for the review. We appreciate it.
1) We use TinyMCE in all descriptions. Therefore videos can be added if you have this feature in your TinyMCE. Unfortunately video attachment is not enabled in TinyMCE in Dolphin by default.
2) We'll add it in the next version.
3) We'll increase the list of available actions in the next version. Right now "Delete Test" action is available only.
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