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Hi Modzzz
I have purchased a few of your modules including Models. Great work. Thank you for your valuable contribution to this platform.
However I do have 2 issues with the install of "Models".
1. When I first installed Models, and clicked on Models in the menu, I landed on the Models/Home page
Here the horizontal menu was disjointed (i.e. Models, Recent, Top Rated, Popular ......etc)
After item "Models" there was a space (I now know the space was missing word "Home"), see more after item "Top" there
was a space (I now know the space was missing word "rated") and after item Availability" was a space (I now
know the space was missing word "Notices" .
I corrected this by accident by editing the name "Models Home" to just "Models"
Then the whole menu displayed with proper spacing. Does this indicate there was a CSS issue with spacing?
Later I edited "Availability Notices" to just "Availability" and changed "Models" to "Models/Artists"
Please see this link to the site I am working on

2. The second problem arises when a member is logged in and clicks on Models in the menu.
This of course takes you to the Model/Home landing page and 3 buttons appear on the right
i.e. "Add Model" , "My Model" and "Home"
When you click on "My Model", a new item is added to the secondary menu at the end as "Models" (in my case it
is Models/Artists). But the new item is off the page.
I can send you a screen print if you provide your email address
How do I get it to appear wrap on second line (wrap to second line) instead of flying off to the right?

I hope you can help.
Maximum respect
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