In reply to Dependent Fields
AntonLV: There seems to be a limitation here which precludes the use of multi-select fields on the sign-up and edit forms as all dependent(child) fields have to be `Type` should be `Selector`, `Selector Control` should be `Select (Dropdown Box). This seems to mean for instance that multiple services "Hair Cut, Perm, etc..." can not be placed and selected under a service heading (Hair Care) that is dependent. Multi-select fields are allowed on the search form though which suggest see more that the capability is already there. Wish I knew how to adjust this, but I don't and thus the module seems limited (Am I doing something wrong here?).
Yes, the module works only for single select fields. That fact is stated on this page, see the phrase above "Note that this mod affects only select Selector (Select (Drop-Down Box)) controls.". I.e. it can't work for Multiple-Select type fields. The search form works because it is treated as a special case and it can produce unpredictable behavior if there would be a triple dependency, that is why there is an instruction on how to turn that feature off.
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