Can I please have some help with the theme?

I had to restore the old module files, due to an issue that was caused with /inc/classes/BxDolFilesModule.php

The issue occurred with both the photos and video module files. I don't use the poll module, so don't know whether it has any issues or not.

e.g. When I go to add a new profile picture, I am taken to this URL:

With this error message:

Fatal see more error: Call to undefined method BxPhotosPageAlbumsMy::getViewLevel() in /home/marrkdav/public_html/ on line 730

I have never touched this file, line 730 in the file is: $sClassPostfix = $oPage->getViewLevel() == 0 ? 'PageAlbumsOwner' : 'PageAlbumView';

Is it possible to fix this, or is it not necessary to use the module files?

Also, can I please have some assistance with the logo CSS? The logo you use is 80 x 34; if I wanted to use a logo that was 500 x 34, what would I need to change and in which CSS file?

Sorry for all of the questions, any help would be appreciated.
It seems to be an issue with the install but please inbox me so I can follow up as I don't get notified through these comments
Hi, this is definately a problem with your install or module. If the issue persists with any template you install I would try another server to test. Have you seen if anyone else got the same problem in the forum?
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