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PlayBox Design is all about Dolphin themes and module styling

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Good, clean responsive template and quick turn around time on emailed questions.
I can't get the search working in the top header. Is there an error by any chance in the alignment of the CSS for the search?
delos36left feedback on Meetup17th of January 2014

I did already two times written but unfortunately still get to now no reply from you. Why do you not reply to my messages?
Hi, I haven't got your messages. It might be going to spam. Can you mail me again so I definitely get it.
No. This guy has been legit with me. He put out a very nice product at a reasonable price and given support.
Thanks for your review
Whatever, stay away from this guy
I opened a dispute and after one month I Been Able to download the splash page.. but playbox not has corrected the errors that i have reported .. I sent a message to Playbox to request a refund or the correction of reported issues, i waited before commenting negatively, but I have had any response by 5 days..
1) i reported the problem of ( integrated login feature ) and his instead of solving the problem has removed the function and are reselling without the integrated login feature.
2) and has see more not resolved the second problem, ( any user is not able to register or enter with touchscreen devices )
my request: you fix the problems, or give me back my money! thanks!
Playbox have done good things, but I regret to say that my experience with this seller was negative, does not have solved the problems that I reported and continue to sell the splash page without the integrate login that gave problems, have deleted this function instead of solving the problem that I reported and in more the splash page that you sell, continue to having the biggest problem that i reported ( is not possible to register on the sites that uses this splash page with all touch screen devices see more )
my comment is very negative... this splash page is full of bug... if click on login without writing name or password... is redirected to a blank page on and not give any error warning even if one enter the wrong data, also in this case is redirected to a blank page on i testing also in your test site and you have the same problem... is not a professional work.. and another important problem: see more with pc desktop you can register normal.. but have a very big problem on ipad with touch screen is not possible to register to the site, because after i click on join today on your splash page the box with button for register is closing automatically and not give time to click on register button..
Hi, why wouldn't you contact me if you had any problems? The Splash page hasn't got any bugs. If they did it would be far more productive to communicate properly. I would always give a refund if I could not rectify the issue.
Great, clean, flexible and affordable splash along with timely support.
I've uploaded the file again, it should no longer be an issue for buyers to download the file. If there are any problems please message me and I will attend to them as soon as possible.
what a load of rubbish and a way to scam money from users providing corrupt empty files. will be reporting this user.
That is a bit harsh, I have sent you the file, it was simply corrupt when I uploaded it.
Can I please have some help with the theme?

I had to restore the old module files, due to an issue that was caused with /inc/classes/BxDolFilesModule.php

The issue occurred with both the photos and video module files. I don't use the poll module, so don't know whether it has any issues or not.

e.g. When I go to add a new profile picture, I am taken to this URL:

With this error message:

Fatal see more error: Call to undefined method BxPhotosPageAlbumsMy::getViewLevel() in /home/marrkdav/public_html/ on line 730

I have never touched this file, line 730 in the file is: $sClassPostfix = $oPage->getViewLevel() == 0 ? 'PageAlbumsOwner' : 'PageAlbumView';

Is it possible to fix this, or is it not necessary to use the module files?

Also, can I please have some assistance with the logo CSS? The logo you use is 80 x 34; if I wanted to use a logo that was 500 x 34, what would I need to change and in which CSS file?

Sorry for all of the questions, any help would be appreciated.
Hi, this is definately a problem with your install or module. If the issue persists with any template you install I would try another server to test. Have you seen if anyone else got the same problem in the forum?
It seems to be an issue with the install but please inbox me so I can follow up as I don't get notified through these comments
I have paid but can not download the file, zip archive contains nothing!!!!
I've sent the file across, there's an issue with the file upload
Turns out the file was corrupt, I've uploaded another one, should be fine
hello, this suite has it is impossible to purchase the download file thank you for watching
Not sure what you mean, please mail me
Hi, the instructions for uploading are unclear, perhaps a little more detail would be good as to WHERE the templ_ main file is OR do we upload each templ_ by itself or?

Sorry I am not getting the instructions and i have many years experience.
Just to make sure, did you order the right version for your copy of Dolphin? Also you can upload the all files via ftp next to your other tmpl files
Hi, it depends on your logo size, the template uses a slim more modern logo size. To adjust the size simply edit the css. I would suggest the inspector tool in chrome to find the class name.
One of the best looking Templates around. Hope you update it to 7.1.
Uploaded and installed the template, it works ok, but the site logo always covers the navigation menus , no matter how small the logo is. How do I reposition the logo .
Hi, mail me your website url and I'll adjust the css for you.
Very happy with this product, extremely easy to install and all looks beautiful, not trashy at all, no changes, clean.... thanks again. ;)
Thanks a lot... Very good !
I like the looks of this, but it's placing a poll block within a poll block on profiles. Check it out:
Very nice mod tnks
dropdown menus cant click... cant see the chat friends name on member menu because both are black color... ibdw 3col friend request accept button fonts cant see.
cant click on sub menu items ... automatically drop down menu disappear... please check it and correct the prob....
Is there already a solution for this problem?
Hi, I have the same issue ... An idea for fixing it ?
That has been fixed a way back, simply download the latest files.
I am happy with the template but there is a problem, Whenever I click on the top menu, and when drop down sub menu open, and i tries to go to select it immediately it disappears.
Hi, Sorry for late replay, I never got notified of these messages, need to check my settings...

The menu issue seems to be ok on my demo, what browser are you using? Is the problem here also
Much Better :) TY
Thanks work great with 7.0.9 It makes the site look much better..
Now updated guys :)
Should be compatible with 7.0.9, the update didn't change any of the module assets
Template has now been updated to 7.0.9
is this updated yet, as I was about to install and then saw it version is old..

please update so we cna use.
Yes an update would be great, same incompatible issues!
Says it's incompatible with 7.0.9

Any chance of updating this? (Please) =)
Wasn't exactly the answer I gave, the templates is for 7.0.7, it clearly states that and I've never said otherwise.

The 'unfriendly' answer is simply a statement where on upon asking whether I would upgrade anytime soon I said 'no', reason being is that that unless I could justify even more hours on this template it wouldn't be financially viable to do so (which I also mentioned in the email).

If there is allot of interest in this template I will update it for sure (which again I said in the see more email reply).

I will always fix any bugs, but an upgrade is not yet planned.
I use the actual version 7.0.9 (LOT of bug fixes...) and installed the Event Template
it broked, which was my error, as it is just for 7.0.8

But then asking, if there is a new version avaible, thats the very customer UNFRIENDLY answer...
So... if you want a actual version of Dolphin running, dont buy that theme:

It's for 7.0.8, 0.9 has only come out recently, you will have to download the previous version (7.0.8) and install that instead.

>>>>>>We won't be releasing see more a 7.0.9 version.<<<<<<
Please download the latest template version, there was a hand full of files that needed updating which after testing had no bugs.
I like it! Great FREEBIE "playbox"!
I'm back!! Check out my latest theme, it's the most detailed and time consuming theme, I'm styling every standard module to perfection!
Hi, I received the link and I downloaded the templates. I followed your instructions for installation. I use dolphin 7.0.2, I loaded / templates / base but does not work! I can provide assistance please?
Dolphin 7 Unity are too bloatedand !
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