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This guy was very easy to get in touch with him... I sent him gmail invite and he got in touch me so fast install the mod and try to help me on my site too..it was Friday night here in US

And, I LOVE THE MOD!!!!....People Buy it!!!!!

had requests from members for this. Installed easy and seems to work great.
thanks for the review :)
he introduced me to dolphin just few days ago after i was not satisfied with other soultions for building social networking sites. As a welcome to the Unity community, he provided me this module for free so i could tell him how it is. I just want to say its the ultimate way to bring more people to a website. Fully satisfied with it.
Gautam, Though i got it for free, i'm planning to send some money to you for the valueable help and support you are providing me in building my dream website.
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