In reply to Cupid Match
It seems to me that I am the first to test this module. After a few teething problems, corrected by modzzz, I think now is a very good mod, I recommend it to everyone, if you have a dating site, it is for you. Always a very good after sales service.
No you are not the first one. This was the most unsupported and broken mod from modzzz i have ever experienced. Yet there are many bugs in it which never got reported here and in the end most i had to fix by myself. Beside problems, do you really think the weighing part is understandable by members? I think not so i changed it to a fixed weighing of 10 and a fixed answerset of 2. The only thing people can decide now is how much % to pass the test or they do not understand.
Thank you baloo. Its people like you that gives me motivation to continue working hard on improving the product.
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