EvoWall, as Dolphin, allows to choose the default uploader. In EvoWall are used the uploaders of Dolphin. If you choose to use in the EvoWall settings, as default upload method "HTML5" you will use the default uploader of Dolphin "Multi-uploader". This method dont allows to edit the name of the image during the uploading process. But's it's an issue related to the uploader of Dolphin....

If you want, you can set as default the method "Regular" that allows you to edit see more the name.

We repeat, EvoWall uses the default uploader, so our suggestion is to understand the functioning and the options of EvoWall.

So try to set "Regular" as default method for photos and let us know if you have got the result desired.

About the comments, when you comment a post, you have not commented the content but the action. I can share a post of MisterX and you can says that you dont love my post (so it's a bad post for you) but you can consider the image contained as a nice image (I made a sharing but I'm not the author of the image). The action is a thing, the content is another one.

Anyway, when you read the description of a module you can see the name of the demo site. Before to buy, the next time, try the module at work and if you have not understood something or you have a doubt, contact us first!
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