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I asked the seller if this mod would work with 7.0.1 and AntonLV's PTS modification before purchasing it. Following his assurances, I bought is mod 10 days ago. Since then my profile edit tabs displayed nothing other than a save button. I asked him to fix it 4 times with promises to get it working asap every time. Two days ago, he asked for another chance but blew it too now.

I would like to get a refund immediately and not bother with tying to have this script working any longer since I am tiered see more of chasing him down. It may work for 7.0.0 version but don't expect much support from the coder in any case. When you do, he has so many excuses but no solutions for you.
There's a problem with your installation on BxDolProfileFields.php

foreach( $this->aBlocks as $aBlock ) {

foreach( $this->aBlocks as $iBlockID => $aBlock ) {

You didn't replace it.

I've sent the file to you last week, I wasn't able to trace your email here on boonex since I receive so many emails. I sent you the file again, I hope you receive it now.
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