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Super Mod, fantastic Integration with all other Modzzz Modules!

As a newbee to Dolphin, Modzzz was one of my best experiences! After Installation he helped fix bugs almost same day! Other won't even look at your installation without charging you for their help. I can suggest Modzzz to ANY person with the very best references!
Beside bug-fixes of his own modules he was also very helpful to look at some general Dolphin Bugs!
Without consideration Modzzz ist the best choice to buy modules which see more are COMPATIBLE with each other! The broad range of his mods is exceptional!
Go on with the good work! And Thank you again for being so kind and help me fix the site!


Please do not discredit the one and only programmer that responds in Minutes to problems! I am very disappointed with persons that do not value this guys spirit and devotion to Dolphin Mods...

Questions? Contact me!
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