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see moreI bought this mod a few days ago and installed it. Im having some trouble with the field and page names etc, they come with the underscore stuff.

Also, it would be great... if I could determine the size of the banner for each page, or have the ability to have banners in more than 1 place on a page. For example, I might want to have 1 area in the content and 1 area in the sidebar, but only on the events page. It doesnt look like this is possible right now, but would be perfect in a future update.
Looks like you are using a number of language files. All of my modules created with English language which is default for Dolphin. But you may translate all keys via Dolphin admin panel -> settings -> languages settings.

Thank you very much for the ideas. I'll think them over and include some of them in the next version.
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