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I have a few great mods installed on my site but this is my very
favourite in terms of how many possibilities it adds to the site. I am
going to make a blog post here soon about it as there is so much in
this one mod!
Moving blocks around, collapsing them to headers, and making new
blocks - all thats really good and works beautifully.
Also controlling whether member, visitors, or friends can view each
block is pretty cool.

But its the 'shared blocks' feature that really takes it to a new
level. see more Admin can create and/or approve blocks to go on the shared
blocks page. Adding them to your profile is as simple as ticking a box
and clicking add.
This opens up so many possibilities.
Im creating a whole library of widgets and animations and content that
can be added like this.

I also like that Admin has to appove the html blocks. It makes it
really safe and also means you get to keep an eye on what members are
bothering to create.

Anyway - I will make the blog post here soon - and for now I will just
say... get this mod before Anton realises what he has created and puts
the price up ;-)

I hear the next version of the mod will have some very cool extra
functionality - but its really 3 mods in one and I think it is worth
more than $100 for his time in installation and support !

Dan V
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