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Added: 09.09.08

Updated: 25.10.10

Category: Tools

Tags: ajax, myspace, profile, layout, composer, igoogle, aqb soft


License: IMPORTANT: This is a commercial product made by AntonLV and cannot be modified for see more other than personal usage. This product cannot be redistributed for free or a fee without written permission from AntonLV. This notice may not be removed from the sourc

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The Newest, Great and Powerful possibility for your site. Something like iGoogle.

Now any of your members can create his/her own world in profile. The latest news, flash games, rss feeds and any of html blocks are available for you now. This Ajax based extension allows to create any kind of blocks and share them, of course, it would be done under the administrator control.


How it works.
It is 100% Ajax based extension which allows your members to add any kind of blocks to their profiles. A block (Standard Dolphin's blocks, some Custom blocks) can be dragged to another place of the profile page without page reloading. It means, that each member can create his/her own structure of blocks on the profile page, making the profile unique.

The next actions can be applied for each block:

  1. Show/hide block.
  2. Remove block from the page.
  3. Make block available for members.
  4. Make block available for non-members.
  5. Make block available for friends.
  6. Share the block with the other members of the site.

Members can create the next types of blocks:

1) Advanced blocks:

a) YouTube google RSS feeds. It's new form for integration of YouTube movies in your site. For example, you want to place YouTube’s videos concerning fishing on your profile page. So, you just need to create a block with YouTube(google rss format) type and place the next link as its body Another example, you want to place videos concerned cars. Just use the following link If you want to show your favorite movies from YouTube, you need to use the next link

Here are some examples:

Top rated

Description: This feed contains the most highly rated YouTube videos.


Top Favorites

Description: This feed contains videos most frequently flagged as favorite videos.


Most viewed

Description: This feed contains the most frequently watched YouTube videos.


Most popular

Description: This feed contains the most popular YouTube videos, selected using an algorithm that combines many different signals to determine overall popularity.


Most recent

Description: This feed contains the videos most recently submitted to YouTube.


Most discussed

Description: This feed contains the YouTube videos that have received the most comments.


Most linked


Description: This feed contains the YouTube videos that receive the most links from other websites.

Most responded

Description: This feed contains YouTube videos that receive the most video responses.

You may read more about it using the following link

b) RSS Feeds: Your members can create RSS feeds blocks. For example: I am living in Sunnyvale (zipCode - USCA1116) and I want to show the weather in my city to the all members, who come to view my profile. So I just need to create block with RSS 2.0 type and place the next link in it

с) HTML Blocks. The extension allows to add any kind of HTML blocks (YouTube, flash game, Google ADS, etc)

2) Simple Text blocks: You may create simple text block using TinyMCE editor. It's too easy.

Any type of blocks can be controlled by member. Members may use shared blocks which were created by site's administrator or the other members of the site.

Administration of the site has the full control over the extension. Administrator may turn off any custom or standard block, allows to share newly created blocks, limit the number of blocks for each member and so on. You may allow members to create simple blocks without approving. In the same time, when approving is enabled, administrator has human-engineered interface and can view newly created blocks before approving, without page reloading.

What will you get?

  • Very powerful and useful toy for your members.
  • The traffic on your site will be increased.
  • You don’t need to think about blocks location on the profile page. You just need to go to your administration panel and add the all necessary blocks to the profile page. The rest will be done by your site's members.
  • Additional possibility to earn money on your site. Just a little example. One of your members has most rated and visited profile. So, he/she can place Google ads or the other advertising in his/her profile and you can get many for that. You may place your block with advertising and give some discount for members who will use this block.

Extension checks all newly added content to prevent the all bad things. Members get warning messages, if something is wrong. It means, that your site cannot be broken by adding some incorrect info or link.




1. From admin side.

a) Approve new blocks, created by site's members.


b) New block creation.


c) Manage extension's settings.


2. From user side.

a) Compose profile page (show/hide/remove blocks, add new one, etc).


b) Relocate block.


c) Create new block.


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I have a few great mods installed on my site but this is my very
favourite in terms of how many possibilities it adds to the site. I am
going to make a blog post here soon about it as there is so much in
this one mod!
Moving blocks around, collapsing them to headers, and making new
blocks - all thats really good and works beautifully.
Also controlling whether member, visitors, or friends can view each
block is pretty cool.

But its the 'shared blocks' feature that really takes it to a new
level. see more Admin can create and/or approve blocks to go on the shared
blocks page. Adding them to your profile is as simple as ticking a box
and clicking add.
This opens up so many possibilities.
Im creating a whole library of widgets and animations and content that
can be added like this.

I also like that Admin has to appove the html blocks. It makes it
really safe and also means you get to keep an eye on what members are
bothering to create.

Anyway - I will make the blog post here soon - and for now I will just
say... get this mod before Anton realises what he has created and puts
the price up ;-)

I hear the next version of the mod will have some very cool extra
functionality - but its really 3 mods in one and I think it is worth
more than $100 for his time in installation and support !

Dan V
This is one very useful script. I sure hope D7 has something very similar! Awesome!!
are you updating this product for D7?
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