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Points - Gifts - Affiliate System


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Version: 2.3.0

Added: 02.06.10

Updated: 24.02.17

Category: Adult

Tags: gifts, points, affiliate, paypal, webmoney, membership, andrew soft, point system, coins, dolphin 7.3

Demo:  username - demouser,password - password

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License: IMPORTANT: This is a commercial product made by AndrewP. It cannot be modified for see more other than personal usage. The "personal usage" means the product can be installed and set up for ONE domain name ONLY. To be able to use this product for another domain names you have to order another copy of this product (license). This product cannot be redistributed for free or a fee without written permission from AndrewP.

Technical Checklist...


The best way to keep your members interested in your site is to give them incentives for participating in site activities.
This is the PERFECT method to reward your members. Give them Points for all actions performed on the site.

Actions for which points are awarded or subtracted:

- Upload/remove photo
- Upload/remove music
- Upload/remove video
- Upload/remove file
- Add/remove a blog post
- Add/remove an advertisement
- Add/remove an event
- Add/remove a forum post
- Add/remove a forum reply
- Add/remove a site
- Add/remove a poll
- Add/remove a store product
- Add/remove a group
- Add/request a friend
- Login into the system
- Profile join
- Referral join
- Add an avatar
- Add an avatar by referrals
- Add comments
- Rate objects
- Post letters through Dolphin's inner mail

Key features:

* Gift Store. System of exchange of points against real gifts to the member !
* Ability to purchase Points using Paypal (Webmoney and gWallet). Thus, you can get some revenue from your website
* Daily limits to points (which you can receive)
* Ability to purchase Membership using Points.
* Ability to withdraw points (and convert them into money).
* E-Gifts categories

Moreover, this product is integrated with:
the inviter.
It means that your invitation mails now contains an affiliate link. Every new member who was joined by your affiliate link - will become your referral.

Admin page consists of:

- two forms to add and edit e-gifts and store gifts
- settings page
- two pages to manage with e-gifts and store gifts
- allocate points page (with search bulk opportunity)
- allocate e-gifts page (with search bulk opportunity)

New features:
* Homepage to send gifts (v 2.1.5)
* Integration with Spy module (v 2.1.5)
* Gift store page (v 2.1.6)
* Standard Payment module integration (optional) (v 2.1.7)
* Friend request event is added (v 2.1.8)

This module is compatible with Dolphin 7.0.x - 7.3.x

You may test my mods, plug-ins and modules on my Dolphin CMS Modules website
And if you have some questions feel free to ask.
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I bought the Points - Gifts - Affiliate system Mod from Andrew recently and let me just say what an incredible script & how much of a help he is with providing support and making sure everything is 100%

It works wonderfully and integrates very nicely with Inviter for Dolphin 7 a must for any site!

I would recommend his mods & him to anyone as he has been an absolute joy to work with. He's polite, fast and efficient at what he does and I can't believe how much he even helped me on issues see more not even related to his mods. Just little questions or some small fixes that were driving me crazy and he did it. I will be supporting his work and mods for years to come and I just hope you all understand this is my very first review here but I have been on the internet working with programmers etc for over 10 years and he's in the top 5 of all time!
nice module.
works like a charm.
two comments though:
- "send a gift to this member" and "pass points to this member" are kind of long you could set it by default to be just "send gift" and "pass points" and with the icons it will be better. but that is just my opinion.
and the received gifts block, huuuuge i have a 1366x768 resolution, the block filled up like half of my screen :P so i am gonna change this and make it a bit smaller.

this is pretty much see more it.
again thanks for the amazing module and the support you provided when i downloaded this module from SWReg
This is an amazing mod, among the other mods that i have purchased from Andrew. We are very fortunate to have such a talented developer. Keep up the amazing work.

************************ <---More Stars for you!!!

The module for website monetization.
Thanks so much for the module - it was really really helpful. It's an awesome program. The installation and user interface was really easy...

This mod makes a lot of money non-stop....

its so featured mod.....Both affiliate and points,gift

I recommend this man's other mod named "inviter mod"

A must have MOD for any site, The members like this mod and make them log on more times.

Great MOD.

Andrew always offers great service.

Cheers mate
This MOD shows that not only is Andrey a talented developer with excellent skills as a programmer but that he also can see from the side of the site as a member to be able to create this which is my most favorite MOD as I have bought many of Andrey who is my favorite seller from Unity.

Keep up the excellent work Andrey,

Excellent mod....Easy installation, great support when you need. Thanks Andrew.
This is a very well made module that installs quickly thanks to a great installer program.

Andrew did a fantastic job putting together a cohesive application that is simple to install, easy to learn, and works flawlessly. It is a powerful product that delivers on all that he promises. And to top it off, if you have questions or need help, Andrew provides quick and thorough answers to your questions.

Andrew installed this module which has the best system to not only track and add user points, but also an excellent admin system. The biggest plus is the addition of the virtual store and tie in to the mambership module so people can use points to buy REAL gifts and also pay for membership. This is the best points module out there! I have tried a few with D6 and D7, and this is best!
Great Mod, so easy to use but so effective! The support from Andrew is Perfect! I have installed this on my site and it works +++ , what more can i say. Excellent!
Thanks for another great Module Andrew. This has helped increase traffic to our site. This is a must have module for any site.
Great module, very easy to use and install. The perfect complement to the functionality of the site. Incredible support from Andrew.
Bardzo łatwy do spolszczenia :)
Super module, fast professional support.
Thanks Andrew
Great mod... perfect with the inviter mod. Very usefull for all website as it help animate community... thanks andrey
useful module, thanks
Really the better modules to make money in the market !!!
Thank you very much andrew !!!
And thanks for all your nice modules
I have just 1 word: FABULOUS!
The mod works great and is very easy to install (I could do it, so anyone can).

And Andrew is a great help
I had some small issues / questions and he gave me a reaction very quickly!

Thanks a lot Andrew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just got gifts and inviter modules from Andrew. Both excellent scripts and installation no problems. These are the type of modules that should help a site go viral and I'm looking forward to that! It's early days yet but I expect both scripts will be of great benefit and value to users and simple to use.
Thanks Andrew
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