I am using aMember on my currently live site. Have purchased this ccbill mod for the site update I am currently working on, so it isn't tested with members yet.

The mod was very easy to install and setup. Only issues were over at ccbill account area, creating forms. You need to create a form with no price, then contact ccbill staff (via live chat) to get them to make the form "dynamic pricing". They did that in just a few minuets while I waited. The fact that Igor's mod can use dynamic see more pricing makes it very, very useful!!! Setting up single payment options, recuring payment options, or trial membership - recuring to monthly options is very easy and offers great flexability.

Igor him self is very helpful, is there for you when you need him, and is prompt with his support!

One problem though is the way dolphin displays prices and durations for your ccbill memberships. If you create a rebilling trial, it will display the rebilling price and duration. However I have come up with a fix for that which you can find here
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