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CCBill Payment Provider (Dolphin 7.2.0 - 7.3.3 compatible)


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Version: 1.2.0

Added: 04.03.10

Updated: 05.02.17

Category: Ecommerce

Tags: ccbill, payment, module, adult, integrations

Demo: http://dolphinforever.ru/  username - admin,password - dolphin

License: 6V644H0425

Technical Checklist...

CCBill Payment Provider Module for Dolphin 7.2.0 - 7.3.3 with Recurring Billing enabled!!!

Demo site: http://www.igor.asia/m/ccbill/home/ (for visualization purposes only: no real transactions will be made)
User: admin
Pass: dolphin

Partner Text

There are dozens of providers who offer basic payment processing online, but CCBill is the payment services platform built to care for your buyers, automate your business and help you instantly grow into new markets.
Accept credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, online checks and bank transfers using CCBill – and protect your business with our leading fraud protection and 24/7 billing support for your buyers.

Offering a complete package at easy rates, CCBill’s service includes a payment gateway, merchant account, smart payment forms, mobile tools, multiple currencies and languages, PCI Level 1 compliance, direct settlements and a menu of tools to automate and expand your online business commerce.

With billions of consumers linked to a broad, flexible e-commerce platform, plus dozens of integrated software partners, CCBill represents reliability and integrity to consumers and merchants alike.

Click here to get started with taking payments online.
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I am proud to be the first webmaster using this module on my website (intersexclub.com)
I think this module should not miss (especially for an adult website)
I recommend this module

Thank you Igor.
You really are the master of Dolphin !
I had issues figuring out exactly where to copy the module to. It sits in /module and not in /module/boonex/

Also my pricing did not match from my site to CCBill so I had a weird error I couldn't figure out. IgorL was prompt in getting back to me and helpful!!!

Although it wasn't the easiest install I've ever done, being new to Dolphin and CCBill I'm giving 5 stars because it's installed, tested and working, for $50 well worth it.
Ccbill module works as promised. It's very easy to set up. One drawback is that it only supports one form, but this can be very easy solved by specifying subscription IDs for each price.
Most time it took to set things up was setting the CCBILL account and understand SYSTEM 5 ccbill Webmaster Admin and how their forms work.
Once understood, it's easy to do just about any price option which means multiple membership options in Dolphin.
Although I spend more time on implementing ccbill into Dolphin see more I am giving "all stars", because module itself works great and as mjname mentioned it's well worth it.
Igor, again well done and thanks for your quick and comprehensive support.
Bought the CCBILL from Igor and askded for recurring billing to be added. Igor repsonded quickly and put the mod in addition to the base mod for ccbill. Great support, thanks Igor you are awesome.
Great product and a great programmer! Igor is a good guy.
I upgraded to dolphin and now i get an error message when I install that says.... -- Check the Dolphin version for compatibility: The module is not compatible with your version of Dolphin script when will there be an upgrade for the new version. I need this ASAP
I am using aMember on my currently live site. Have purchased this ccbill mod for the site update I am currently working on, so it isn't tested with members yet.

The mod was very easy to install and setup. Only issues were over at ccbill account area, creating forms. You need to create a form with no price, then contact ccbill staff (via live chat) to get them to make the form "dynamic pricing". They did that in just a few minuets while I waited. The fact that Igor's mod can use dynamic see more pricing makes it very, very useful!!! Setting up single payment options, recuring payment options, or trial membership - recuring to monthly options is very easy and offers great flexability.

Igor him self is very helpful, is there for you when you need him, and is prompt with his support!

One problem though is the way dolphin displays prices and durations for your ccbill memberships. If you create a rebilling trial, it will display the rebilling price and duration. However I have come up with a fix for that which you can find here http://www.boonex.com/unity/forums/topic/Igor-s-CCBill-Mod-how-to-hide-dolphin-default-prices-amp-create-trials.htm
I purchased this product from Igor a few days ago. I had trouble installing because the instruction manual wasn't clear enough for me, so I messaged Igor and he installed it for me. After, Igor installed it, I followed the instructions that was sent with the module and again it wasn't really clear. Don't get me wrong, not all of the instructions wasn't clear, but some of the parts of the instructions. like when you go to your ccbill account management panel and you have to enter the approval url: see more http:// yoursite.com/m/membership/index. it wasn't clear if you were suppose to use /m/ or /modules/ instead. Other than that, the ccbill module does work. . I do have to give srzielger some credit because he cleared up, what I was doing wrong. Thanks SrZielger. Now as far as the rating: the quality I have to give a 5, communication I will have to give a 2 because after the install, I sent several messages to Igor, but he never returned my messages. Support I would have to give a 2 because again, I sent basic questions regarding the instructions that could have been easily answered, but he never replied back to my questions. Accuracy I would have to give a 2 because of the instructions. By the way you guys interested in purchasing this module the instructions are for ccbill classic account management, they are using a beta, but this can be easily resolved by contacting ccbill and they will walk you through the system. Value I would have to rate it a 5.
Terrific, I think this is a great mod, it was installed really fast and I learned some stuff about CCBill in the process. I would reccommend this for anyone who is making any amount of money on their website.
Igor I purchased this module however I am missing the information to put the ccbill form numbers in thus I am unable to use this module Please HELP!!
It was an easy mod to install. now I just have to wait for CCBill to get back to me with info to fill out the form.
Awesome module, and Igor's after sales service was excellent. Thanks Igor, 5 out of 5 stars
is this module going to be compatable with latest dolphin
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