I purchased this product from Igor a few days ago. I had trouble installing because the instruction manual wasn't clear enough for me, so I messaged Igor and he installed it for me. After, Igor installed it, I followed the instructions that was sent with the module and again it wasn't really clear. Don't get me wrong, not all of the instructions wasn't clear, but some of the parts of the instructions. like when you go to your ccbill account management panel and you have to enter the approval url: see more http:// it wasn't clear if you were suppose to use /m/ or /modules/ instead. Other than that, the ccbill module does work. . I do have to give srzielger some credit because he cleared up, what I was doing wrong. Thanks SrZielger. Now as far as the rating: the quality I have to give a 5, communication I will have to give a 2 because after the install, I sent several messages to Igor, but he never returned my messages. Support I would have to give a 2 because again, I sent basic questions regarding the instructions that could have been easily answered, but he never replied back to my questions. Accuracy I would have to give a 2 because of the instructions. By the way you guys interested in purchasing this module the instructions are for ccbill classic account management, they are using a beta, but this can be easily resolved by contacting ccbill and they will walk you through the system. Value I would have to rate it a 5.
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