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Hi, I Have just purchased this Yesterday and wanted to say what a great little app.

This is exacly the thing i have been looking for. With the standard Boonex wall members have to actually visit every one of their friends profiles to see what they are doing or have been upto. With this app though they can follow their friends from straight from the first page they see after logging in without having to do the profile trawling.

Set up was confusing to me, This is not the app creators fault but see more more down to my own limited experince. It was however completly up and running with 2 hours of me starting and i also ate a chinees takeaway inbetween.

Using is straight forward. you basicly type whats on your mind and your friends get to see this info and comment on it. The setting are easy and personilisable for all members.

Future updates? I would request that the program list items automaticly like Photo, video uploads and boonex status changes.

Thanks for a great app. Just what i wanted.
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