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Dolphin Twitter


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Version: 2.0.7

Added: 21.04.10

Updated: 01.07.19

Category: Social

Tags: twitter, tweet, status, modzzz, connect, follow, friends, extensions, feed

Demo:  username - tester,password - test123

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License: IMPORTANT: This is a commercial product made by Stellar Soft and cannot be modified see more for other than personal usage. This licence is valid for one domain only. Redistribution of this product for free or for a fee without written permission from Stellar Soft is strictly prohibited.

Technical Checklist...

Dolphin Twitter allows you to implement your own Twitter-like system on your Dolphin site. Members can post their status which will be displayed in the Member Account and Profile pages. Fully AJAX based posting of Messages. Members can track the updates of others they are following and optionally receive email notifications of new posts. The bottom menu bar has a follower popup option similar to Friends.


Block on the index page to display public Status posts.


Block on the account page to display the member and their Friends Status posts.


Block on the profile page to display the member's Status posts. Synchronizes Tweets with Profile Status Message. Therefore, if Profile Status Message is updated, it will be reflected in the Tweets and vice versa.


Members can follow each other, by default all friends are followers.Profile page has "follow" action link. For persons that are already followers the link changes to "unfollow".


Feature that allows followers to comment on person's status updates.


Auto Nudge feature which allows the site to send reminders to members who have not updated their status in a particular time period.


Allow Auto Nudge (On/Off)
Get Notified with New Follower Emails (On/Off)
Get Notified with New Post Emails (On/Off)
Auto approve followers (On/Off)
Only Friends can follow me (On/Off)
Only Friends can comment (On/Off)
Reply Options (all replies, no replies, replies to my posts only)


Set the Number of Tweets to show on profile
Set the Number of Followed members to show on profile
Set the Number of Followers to show on profile
Set the Period to send Auto Nudge
Set the Length of messages allowed
Activate Auto Nudge (On/Off)
Automatically adds Friends as followers (On/Off)
Turn on Auto Nudge for New members (On/Off)
Turn on Follower Notification for New members (On/Off)
Turn on Post Notification for New members (On/Off)
Turn on Auto Approval of Followers for New members (On/Off)
For new members, by default friends only can follow (On/Off)
Dolphin Twitter feature activated (On/Off)

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Excellent mod works better than twitter very, very pleased another job well done
Great Module, works fantastic... afterall I decided not to use it on my site, however Modzzz was of great help. Go on with the good work! And Thank you again for being so kind and help me fix the site!

Just another masterpiece, works great, got it up in a flash, and backs up his mods, just great!
Excellent mod and the service was the best Ive experienced on this site,

should get more than 5 stars.

highly recommended.

After this i have bought more than 10 mods
Hi, I Have just purchased this Yesterday and wanted to say what a great little app.

This is exacly the thing i have been looking for. With the standard Boonex wall members have to actually visit every one of their friends profiles to see what they are doing or have been upto. With this app though they can follow their friends from straight from the first page they see after logging in without having to do the profile trawling.

Set up was confusing to me, This is not the app creators fault but see more more down to my own limited experince. It was however completly up and running with 2 hours of me starting and i also ate a chinees takeaway inbetween.

Using is straight forward. you basicly type whats on your mind and your friends get to see this info and comment on it. The setting are easy and personilisable for all members.

Future updates? I would request that the program list items automaticly like Photo, video uploads and boonex status changes.

Thanks for a great app. Just what i wanted.
most of your mods are great, but for some reason a few of your mods which I have purchased cause my member.php page to go blank... WHY?!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hey Twitter! I don't need you on my site when I have Dolphin Twitter. Very nice integration and very easy to use. As always, Great Job!
This mode, just as the other Modzzz's modules, is very easy to install!!! It works well. While I think Modzzz is to be praised for all his great works, I think this module needs to be upgraded to include the ability to insert URLs as links just as in Facebook or twitter or summarize the page content of the URL just as Facebook!!! And I think this is going to be done soon.
I had purchased this mod a while back and it has always done what its supposed to. Members love it and tracking is a lot easier, thanks!
I love a mod this is...this is beautiful...and MODZZZ helped me with it though he was worried about a hurricane approaching...I purchased 4 of his mods in 1 day...because I love them...I intend to purchase about 4 more...thanks MODZZZ...
This Mod Broke my Site, Its checked as 7.3 Compatible, but its not working... Can you please help before I file the paypal claim.... If this is fixed by Modzzz I will update this ticket
A redesigned version of the mod was released for Dolphin 7.3
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