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Listen up Dolphins; if you're serious about monetizing your site... you need this mod! It truly is a thing of beauty... set it and forget it!

Installation and setup on the administrator side is a breeze, creating and purchasing advertising by your members is simple, intuitive, and elegant.

If you’re concerned about support… don’t be. Haven’t you seen AntonLV around Boonex? Look at all the mods he’s done, look at all the glowing comments from his customers, look at the fact that see more he is customizing his mods at the request of his customers.

I purchased this mod only a few days ago, and have already had multiple conversations with Anton. He is taking my suggestions for my unique needs, and we’re discussing potential changes for future releases!

“Customer Support” is not a thing of the past… Anton has it nailed. And even though I don’t know him personally, I can tell he REALLY wants to satisfy his customers.

If you’re on the fence about this mod… get off it… you won’t be sorry.
Thank you very much for the review!!! :)
P.S. Yes, we are always open for suggestions and ideas for new versions of our products.
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