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I like this mod but feel it should allow me to select specific members to be online. These members might have special instructions or content in their profiles I want new visitors/members to see.

Please add the ability to choose specific members to be online!
The ability to select manually which profiles has to be online would make interface much more complex and thus the price would be higher. We can offer a low level solution:
1) Add boolean profile field via [admin panel -> builders -> profile fields] to profile edit page for admin and give that field a name IsAutoonlineAllowed
2) Edit the file modules/aqb/autoonline/classes/AqbAutoonlineModule.php, replace two ocurences of the liine
$where = 'WHERE (`Couple` OR `Couple`>`Profiles`.`ID`) see more AND `Status` = "Active" AND ';
with the line
$where = 'WHERE (`Couple` OR `Couple`>`Profiles`.`ID`) AND `Status` = "Active" AND `IsAutoonlineAllowed` = 1 AND ';

After that you can manually edit the profiles and there on profile edit page check/uncheck the field IsAutoonlineAllowed and only those profiles will be used by autoonline module which have that field checked.
How does this work with rules? Can you manually edit a profile to be online without setting up a rule for auto online to run?
It works so that rules are using only those profile to put online which have set new field IsAutoonlineAllowed enabled. And no, you can't manually put someone online without using an autoonline rule (actually it is possible by using a database query but that is out of scope of the Autoonline module).
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