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sorry if I do not speak English very well because I'm French
I bought this unit, I have version 7.0.7 of Dolphin and I have therefore installed odule and transform text files using the file attached, but it does not work, there are syntax errors, yet j 'I followed the directions
Could I have the files already complete change
Here is the list:
Communicator.php, BxDolCommunicator.php, BxBaseCommunicator.php, BxDolPrivacy.php, BxPhotospageAlbumsMy.php, BxBaseSearchResultShareMedia.php
I said that see more I didn 't installed the videos private, and I do not want the installed
if somebody can send me the files mentioned above, I 'am very happy
Here is my contact address:; Thanks In advance
This is fixed already as soon this review came up. Thanks!
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