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DO NOT BUY THIS MODULE! DO NOT BUY FROM ue30. He is a scam artist... and I got screwed out of $70. As you can see, even at the time of the writing of this post, you click on his demo, it goes to a link that is broken. The "events" module on that site, the only one listed, shows a completely different version than what he is advertising. I asked him politely some questions, and he said for another $60, I could upgrade to what I saw. He's a SCAMMER. He is FALSELY advertising his product see more - he is rude, doesn't speak english, and I lost my PayPal claim because he LIED to them showing them an old screen shot of the module on my site. It's useless to me, I never want to use it, and it was uninstalled. But his lies convinced PayPal to side with him.


Do yourself a favor, buy from other users here at Boonex, but don't buy from ue30. He gives this ENTIRE community a bad name and I will seriously second guess EVER buying ANYTHING here again... and I've spent literally hundreds of dollars on scripts here.

Too bad there are people like him in this world... I like communities like this, but not when someone from the middle of some unknown Russian city decides to scam people out of money. Like we can ever sue to get it back, and like PayPal cares enough to allow me to have a rebuttal. Scam artists pray on that, so BEWARE. Look the other way.
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