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Added: 17.06.10

Updated: 06.02.13

Category: Events

Tags: modifications, ue30, event, events, seo


License: IMPORTANT: This is a commercial product made by ue30. It cannot be modified for other see more than personal usage. The "personal usage" means the product can be installed and set up for ONE domain name ONLY. To be able to use this product for another domain names you have to order another copy of this product (license). This product cannot be redistributed for free or a fee without written permission from ue30.

Technical Checklist...

Take a look before for the newer Event Mod here:


Complete New Layout - New Functions - SEO Optimized - RICH SNIPPET Optimized


- new Layout for Browse Block - List - Categories - Tags - Onclick Event - Small Pics

- Upcoming City Events for logged Users

- Event Calendar - Dates with Events marked and clickable (15 calendar languages and 4 skins)



- Upcoming City Events for logged Users



- new Layout for Browse Blocks - List - Categories - Tags - Onclick Event - Small Pics

- my next events block for logged members (publisher and participants events shown)

- top events block

- popular events block

- search events block , results shown on the same site (search is for city,description,title,tag,zip)

- last participants activities block

- calendar block , filter events by clicking on a date (15 calendar languages and 4 skins)

- common categories block

- Upcoming City Events for logged Users

- Featured Events as List

- Latest Forum Posts

- Latest Comments

- Event Tags



- new Fields added

- Zip, Location, Organizer, Phone, Website(linked), Tickets Field for Price or html link to a ticket script or maby the d7 store

- Nearby City Events (Tip for SEO)

- Past Location Events (Tip for SEO)

- if you wish: Title Tag with Event Date, Location and City (Tip for SEO)


- using microformats

- Information about Rich Snippet here: http://www.google.com/support/webmasters/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=164506

- Information Block: City Browse, Location, Address, Zip, Driving Direction, Organizer, Phone, Website, Ticket Field, Categories and Tags New Look

- SHARE ME BLOCK: Tweet Me, BuzzMe, Facebook share and the Popular "I LIKE BUTTON"

- Navigation Block for More Events - Forward - Backward (Tip for SEO)



- Number of City Events on Member/Index Page:

- Snippet Lengh of Forum Posts on Main Page:

- Number of Forum Posts on Main Page:

- Numbers of Tags on Main Page:

- Snippet Lengh Comments on Main Page:

- Number of Comments shown on Main Page:

- Number of Featured Events shown on main page:

- Number of My Events shown on main page:

- Number of participants shown on main page:

- Number of popular events to show on main page:

- Number of top events to show on main page:

- Number of City Events shown on Main Page:

- Number of Nearby Events on Events View:

- Number of Past Events on Events View:


- sql installer for db fields and language files

- easy install, just upload the folder and files


For Update from my Extended Eventpage Mod D7 Contact me !!!

take a look at the demo site:

Tested on dolphin 7.0.1, 7.0.2, 7.0.3, 7.0.4, 7.0.5, 7.0.6, 7.0.7, 7.0.8

Payment: only paypal


Mod Installation you can order here:

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i thought your Extended Eventpage D7 mod is the best... BUT this one, PRO EVENTS D7 MOD, is perfect!!! best support ever and a super price!
thx ue30 !!!
this mod is awesome and has so many new functions.
i tested before a other event mod from the market, but it had too many script errors.
you can´t do anything wrong with buying this and the support is great.
Super schneller Kontakt und sehr gute Zusammenarbeit. Pro Event ist ein Top Modul und gut durchdacht mit vielen sinnvollen Funktionen.
Wer einen Entwickler sucht, dem die Funktion im Vordergrund steht und nicht das Verkaufen, der ist bei UE30 an der richtigen Adresse!
Super schneller Kontakt und sehr gute Zusammenarbeit.
Weiterhin noch einmal DANKE für deine Hilfsbereitschaft.

Pro Event is a top modul, well thougt-out with a lot of useful functions.
If you are looking for a delevoper who see more is not only interested in selling his products, UE30 is right for you!
Very fast contact and very good teamwork!
Once more thanks to UE30 and his helpfulness.
This events MOD for D7 from ue30 is exactly what I have been searching for to pimp up my website.
Thank you, ue30 ... for rapid responce and helpful support!
The event module rocks, its really awesome!
I bought from Chris all is EVENT MOD included the new one PRO EVENTS MOD....Like ever is MOD is perfect!!!! + This man give me a right and pro follow up, advice and support. I recommended this guy and is mod for everyone. Nice to work again with you Chris. Thanks again!!!
thx for the great update to extended eventpage mod...always great work
PRO EVENTS D7 MOD is a winner. Your mods are great and I will support you in future. It is easy to install and not much is required to install your mods. Keep up the good work. - I am so impressed, forgot to rate the other mod. :-)
PRO EVENT D7 MOD is the latest product that I've bought from Chris and I've to say that it's absolutely awesome.
The social sharing block which includes all the major social networks, will give your event pages a totally new perspective.
A lot of the functions will make so easy for everyone to navigate between the events.
I like working with Chris as he pays a lot of attentions to details. And details are what make the difference if you want to run a winning website.
Thumbs up for Chris and see more his Events mods!!
The install was fast and as promised everything was done extremely professionally. I can say enough positive things about my experience witht he purchase of this mod.

I think this Mod is going to really help improve a very important part of my site...Support was great again thanks!
Great MOD if you like to showcase events. Even better with the STATES installed too! Very well layed out, perfect for a social network! Great service and professional.
Fabulous mod! im using it on www.sortiesetrencontres.com and works lovely! that guy is really cool, and he even customized it for me for me. thanks a lot! Exactly what i needed for my site :))
DO NOT BUY THIS MODULE! DO NOT BUY FROM ue30. He is a scam artist... and I got screwed out of $70. As you can see, even at the time of the writing of this post, you click on his demo, it goes to a link that is broken. The "events" module on that site, the only one listed, shows a completely different version than what he is advertising. I asked him politely some questions, and he said for another $60, I could upgrade to what I saw. He's a SCAMMER. He is FALSELY advertising his product see more - he is rude, doesn't speak english, and I lost my PayPal claim because he LIED to them showing them an old screen shot of the module on my site. It's useless to me, I never want to use it, and it was uninstalled. But his lies convinced PayPal to side with him.


Do yourself a favor, buy from other users here at Boonex, but don't buy from ue30. He gives this ENTIRE community a bad name and I will seriously second guess EVER buying ANYTHING here again... and I've spent literally hundreds of dollars on scripts here.

Too bad there are people like him in this world... I like communities like this, but not when someone from the middle of some unknown Russian city decides to scam people out of money. Like we can ever sue to get it back, and like PayPal cares enough to allow me to have a rebuttal. Scam artists pray on that, so BEWARE. Look the other way.
hi , I have just buy this. and after I installed the layout on home page and main event page is not same as your screenshot. My site is http://www.ipartyshanghai.com . Please let me know if there is another setting needed.

My email address is jeffreyxush@gmail.com
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