100+ days with Boonex

iced posted 24th of October 2008 in Community Voice. 12 comments.

Just like to share my experience so far. Was web surfing when I TOTALLY and ACCIDENTALLY stumbled on a reference to dolphin. Decided to "Google" it and then from there came to this site, downloaded it and spent many sleepless nights teaching myself how to redesign the site etc.

I immediately bought dolphin cos it is actually the best I have tinkered with EVER. I have used a lot of CMS and the likes (not mentioning names here but you know the likely suspects) and I admit it has been hard but each time something works, the joy has been great!

At Unity, I have found every single person to be rather helpful. Yes some posts get unanswered or some posts take long to be answered but my overall impression is great.

I have asked a few people for help and they have NOT hesistated one little bit to provide some assistance... which is so refreshing compared to a lot of community sites!

I had a little tiff with Sammie... and will duely like to totally apologise to sammie regarding my comments to her cos I absolutely misjudged her. Got to know her a little bit since my second blog and she has been a source of enlightenment.

So 100+ days here and I am happy. I have had good experiences and Unity is full of great members who do not mind giving a hand.

Thank you... You all are slowly making my dreams come true!

Have a great weekend!


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Hi Iced
glad you like it here, and i am sure Boonex staff will enjoy seeing a positive post from someone thats happy and pleased with the script and help they get.

I have to agree, Dolphin is the best you'll ever find, and it would take some investment and smart people to come up with anything close to it.

Dolphin is not a CMS. if anything its a ECMS and even that status doesn't cover it lol
its not a run of the mill script that will run on a run of the mill shared server.

i have been see more called a few things before lol a source of enlightenment.? well i can life with that lol thanx


Any new person needs a lot of patience for dolphin and with patience comes good rewards
I started a 12 step program once you get to 200 days :-)

Cheers, and glad your HERE!

and shoutout to Sammie :-)

well hopefully I will be more knowledgable by then :)
Congrats! You have made it 95 days more than the average person who stumbles upon Dolphin!
fortunately or unfortunately, I am going to be here for a very very long time :P
I'm at 19 days and this stuff is not as hard as most make it out to be... Okay, I've gotten some awesome help from Kosmic, DosDawg, Sammie, Caltrade and quite a few others...

That's what makes this software so great, it will do exactly what you want it to do and the community that uses it every day supports it and encourages new users.
I think Im around 365 days now and its been quite a journey.
I came in knowing absolutely no php at all and minimal html besides using Dreamweaver.

I have been setting up the site for the whole year and Im glad to say that in the last week it has finally gained the functionality I imagined for it from the beginning. Its taken a year, not because it wasnt okay out of the box (Boonex installed it for me), but because I wanted my own cosmic MySpace.
Finding the right mods and experimenting with see more their functionality, and then upgrading from 5.6 to 6.1 - well - it all takes time.

Anyway, I agree with ICED that some questions may go unanswered, but the community is really very helpful.
As are Boonex too - but I wish they had a dedicated staff of about 6 people JUST for support !!

Like many other things on the web I think the problem comes when we want things to happen to our timetable. Even more than normal life I find that web interaction just doesn't run to our timetable. Once I learn to let go of that and even plan for it in business related matters - then I am a lot happier and less stressed :-)
Andrew Boon
Thank you guys! The post and comments are really inspiring. All I can say is that we really hope do make you happy with upcoming updates.

I agree, I tried about every CMS known to man, then I found boonex and their products blow everything else away. Out of the box you all have the best products by far. I have held off buying Dolphin, because I am very interested in Shark and want to know more about that before committing
first time nooby this looks excellent tried alot of others looking forward to an adventure!!!
I totally agree with the comments here. I stumbled upon it as well, after investigating, installing and trying out many others.

I stumbled upon it by googling "MySpace clone". Why I had not done this sooner, I do not know. Somehow one of the results lead me to Dolphin.

At first I was skeptical, as you would expect anyone to be after having evaluated many other social network software.

One thing that really impressed me is the clean look and feel of the templates. The simple and see more crisp borders are great. The navigation made sense.

I've been looking at Dolphin for about 3 weeks now and the more I look at it, the more I like it. The community around it is also fantastic.

I am also holding off until the new Dolphin 7 is released, at which point I will pay for hosting and a license so I can try it out for real.

Question: If I start learning about the API for Dolphin 6 will this help me understand Dolphin 7? Or will I have to learn a completely different API?
Below is the legacy version of the Boonex site, maintained for Dolphin.Pro 7.x support.
The new Dolphin solution is powered by UNA Community Management System.