I totally agree with the comments here. I stumbled upon it as well, after investigating, installing and trying out many others.

I stumbled upon it by googling "MySpace clone". Why I had not done this sooner, I do not know. Somehow one of the results lead me to Dolphin.

At first I was skeptical, as you would expect anyone to be after having evaluated many other social network software.

One thing that really impressed me is the clean look and feel of the templates. The simple and see more crisp borders are great. The navigation made sense.

I've been looking at Dolphin for about 3 weeks now and the more I look at it, the more I like it. The community around it is also fantastic.

I am also holding off until the new Dolphin 7 is released, at which point I will pay for hosting and a license so I can try it out for real.

Question: If I start learning about the API for Dolphin 6 will this help me understand Dolphin 7? Or will I have to learn a completely different API?
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