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linksys7 posted 1st of May 2008 in Community Voice. 2 comments.
I know this might strike some the wrong way simply because you can't make everyone happy all the time. But it would seem to me that Boonex is trying their hardest to get these releases out as best they can, and I might add with an outstanding performance rate nearly one every week. I've used other cms's and plenty of other deveolpers software with either very limited support to almost non-existent, where I've had to wait for almost two years for an update or upgrade. The level of support, determination, and open mindedness Boonex exibits goes far beyond any expectations I had ever had right from the begining. 
Now I've seen many, many people on here jump right in on release after release even before any documentation has been updated or re written, and not understand or couldnt figure out how to implement them correctly. I would hope everyone who has indulged in (excuse me if I upset anyone) such blind fury has made the appropriate backups so you can say "ooops" in private and correct the mistakes. As Boonex has stated a lot of this has been re-written and most modules have been placed into classes, as with all major changes in anything that is done there will be some discreptencies in how things react in the same environment it was once smoothly nestled previously.
Oh and by the way this software is uhm, how would I say it... well  FREE!! and if you paid for it then yes you have a right to want it to work correctly but as with the free version I think we all need to try a little harder to slow down and give things a little more time instead of taking a bite out of Boonex's foot everytime they stick their leg out the door. For me I shall wait and keep my stable working version intacked untill I see more documentation and see how the testing goes on the new releases before I make a solid decision to change anything I currently have that works.
By the way Boonex I love the new front page banners you guys made for the new version, Thumbs up and keep up the Great work. 
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Some of us have been waiting almost two years for the release of 6.1

It is free, however, there has been a community of supporters that have been trouble shooting the software since it went GPL and none get paid for their testing and troubleshooting.

I paid $500 for a script where everything works but the customer service is so bad and the layout so inflexible that I switched to dolphin 6.1. The issues with 6.1 are minor but for those of us that are actually trying to make money instead of see more just being free testers Boonex should understand.

I have probably spent a total of $1200 on community software and have not made a penny on any of it.
i agree wtih you on some points, and disagree with others. first of all, they should have had the previous versions working at least 95% prior to releasing anything new. yes the new release is way wicked kewl, however, there were so many things wrong with v6.0. and all of its distros, that they should have waited to release something new.

i am a contributor, i am one of those who sit in here and try to help out others, i am one that knows it takes time, but you should not call anything an RC see more if in fact it is still in BETA, and thats exactly what it is. there were not enough BETA testers as far as i could tell, there was nowhere to post if you were a tester, and i loaded 6.1 BETA and seen there were many things wrong with it, the vagueness that i was approached with from boonex was enough for me to say i didnt have time to waste if they were not going to reciprocate. as for FREE, if you are running a FREE site good for you, there are a ton, and most of them i know that are not running FREE v.

mindriot, sorry to hear of your sorrows with trying to locate a good community script.

to all who read this, yes the release of the script in its free version is something that is entertaining, however those ads grow old quick, and you eventually and most of the time by you reach that point it has become disastrous, you reach the point to where you are tired of viewing the lame-o ads that boonex is serving across your site. so linksys7 i wouldnt call being postured as s streaming terminal exactly being FREE, somebody is being paid for that, so FREE may not be the exactedness of the word that is appropriate for this version of Dolphin.

well i am not here to bash boonex or the script, i absolutely love it, but i think that releasing another set of issues and there are going to be many, as over half of them were never addressed from the onset of 6.0, but i am here to help get through them, and appreciate all who contribute to the blogs here and to the expertzzz forum.

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