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jerry79 posted 5th of June 2008 in Community Voice. 3 comments.

Hi all,

i thought i saw a post in forum about this, but i was not able to find it or the answer was not satisfied. Now i want to write about this problem and hope to get some other informations from you.

I want to activate memberships ind admin backend. When i set a User through Admin panel from standard to promotional, it works. The user got the new level. But in backend this user is show up as standard. But i changed it. So the overview is not correct.

Does anyone of you know where the problem is?

I mean, the User can enjoy everthing what hes allowed throguh this level, even the profile shows the correct mebership. Only ind Admin the user is still standard. Hope that someone knows a solution, cause i need a correct overview of my members.



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are you logging into that users account and on the front end user side, it reports them as having what status? im almost thinking its just reporting the default membership level to you in admin. can you login to that upgraded account or even look at profiles and see what the deal is with the report regarding the membership level?

Hi DosDawg,
sorry i didnt understand exactly what you ment ;) So here my steps.
1. Login to Admin backend.
2. Choose User
3. Change the users membership to promotion
4. Save it.
5. Gogin back to admin overview for users
6. User is still shown as standard in that overview
7. Loggin out
8. Loggin in as User
9. User got the new membership which is also showed up correct

So i dont know why in Admin backend its not "updated" or whatever. But i want to see who is
Standard and who see more promotion etc. This is why we got the overview.
So how can i fix it?
I also found now the thread in forum to it, but there isn yet any solution

Hopefully someone knows a bit more
Any solutions found to this? It looks like it is still not fixed in 6.1.6.

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