Admin login failed

jbbtfd posted 5th of March 2008 in Community Voice. 13 comments.

After installation I am unable to log into admin. I know my name and password is correct. I can access my files by CP so is there a way to find the name and password. maybe i hit a wrong key or something. suggestions?

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if you reinstalled it might have went back to the default name and password, username admin and password dolphin if I rem lol
the only way I can think of is to go into the database and look there. The password is going to be encrypted. But you can do a search on goole for MD5 encryption and decode it.
If you need some help with this feel free to Email me. I will be more than happy to assist
Hi Simion
I am having the same problem, I can't log into my admin panel. I did a lot of work on my site lastnight and now this morning i am getting an error about logging in. any help will be appreciated
I think it's a bug. Some months ago I tried Dolphin too and installed it on a local server. Same problem: I couldn't login as admin. Now I try Dolphin 6 an nothing's changed sorry I thougt Dolphin was improved by version 6
Found this fix and it worked.

Dear customers!
We are sorry for the inconvenience, but there was a problem with the save option for admin login in the Dolphin 6.0.0001 patch. To fix this problem please do the following:

1 Create a txt file for example "admin_fix.php".
2 Insert the following code there

include( "inc/" );
include( "inc/" );
db_res( "TRUNCATE TABLE `Admins`" );
db_res( "INSERT INTO `Admins` see more (`Name` ,`Password`) VALUES ('admin', MD5( 'dolphin' ))" );

3 Copy and paste this file into Dolphin's root folder
4 Run this file in your favourite browser - for example

5. Enter your Admin Panel and change the password to one of yours (difficult to guess pass). Since the file above sets new default password "dolphin".
Well I have just installed this awesome software but I cant get in admin I tried your trick and now i'm getting error messages to my mail

Database error in PrOmBoMb.CoM
INSERT INTO `Admins` (`*********` ,`********`) VALUES ('admin', MD5( 'dolphin' ))

Mysql error:
Unknown column '**************' in 'field list'

Found error in file /home/**********/public_html/admin_fixed.php
at line 5. Called db_res function
with erroneous argument #0

Debug backtrace:
[1] => see more Array
[file] => /home/**********/public_html/admin_fixed.php
[line] => 5
[function] => db_res
[args] => Array
[0] => INSERT INTO `Admins` (`**********` ,`***********`) VALUES ('admin', MD5( 'dolphin' ))



Called script: /admin_fixed.php

Request parameters:
[logintheme] => cpanel
[cprelogin] => no
[cpsession] => closed
[strSec] => 73019ecf6c*********************
[IDc] => sex**************
[memberID] => 1
[memberPassword] => ************


Can Someone help me please
I used

delete from Admins;
insert into Admins(Name, password) values ('<myadminId>',MD5('<myPassword') );

I think that the root cause of the problem is that the database only allows 10 character admin names, but the user interface allows more.
i try with the firts one jbbtfd and nothing happened... there other way to fix it? 911 plz!!!
i can fix it as well how can i fix please help me
That's what I discovered, BEANU. I couldn't sign in either. after trying some of the suggestions here, I discovered that the default value for the username (in phpMyAdmin) was 10 characters max. my original username was over 10 characters so it became clear that only the first 10 characters were saved. so go to your dolphin login page and simply just enter the first 10 of your username. also, the default value for the password is 32 characters max, it think. so if you're password is over 32, then see more you'll obviously have the same issue there. to change these values, log into your phpMyAdmin, select your database, select "admins". You'll see two fields for "name" and "password" and their corresponding types "varchar(10)" and "varchar(32)"edit the values there if needed. Hope this helps. It stumped my brother and I for a bit, and we reinstalled dolphin about 8 times between the two of us, thinking we had made a type somewhere. good luck!
I have tried everything to change the password and what not, i still cant login. is there any solution to it or should i just delete it and go for another portal?
this is wierd, using the /admin link to login as an admin works, e.g. http://localhost/Dolphin/admin
thanks jpomichter!

my username was 11 characters long, so i was getting very frustrated at this. glad it now works. thanks again!