Affiliate Module in D7

mallorca posted 23rd of November 2009 in Community Voice. 18 comments.

is there any information out about an affiliate module in Dolphin V7?

How will you guys deal with referrers to your site without having a affiliate module like we had in 6.1?

I wonder why there is nothing to found about and nobody ask for.....

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Affiliate module was in the alpha of D7 and most of the code is in there, but it has been disabled or taken out for release
I remeber there was an affiliate function in D6. D7 a step backwards?
Yes, thank you. I noticed that as well with alpha and code parts right now.
There is the question left: Will we have a working affiliate system included in our dolphin installations or not. Because Boonex works itself with third party now for good a year, they maybe will offer a third party solution integrated to dolphin as well for us?

Or has any developer some plans about affiliate integration?

Boonex Team, where do Dolphin go in this important point?
Nobody interested in the affiliate mod future of D7?

And nothing from Boonex, just silence?
This was the key reason aside from the flash chat possibility i choose dolphin. Where did it go in V7?
Ticket added (enhancement):
I have found AlexT's answer there:
Thanks Michel! Very bad news. Especially in that way of just a little note from AlexT provided by you Michel. No statement from Boonex official. Just from AlexT this note from 15 of June 2009 - So maybe that isn't actual anymore?! I really hope for better news, or a developer plugin for idev or others.
Some weeks before a pro start the next big problem falling from heaven.....
Adding the ticket bring hopefully clear information to us, to choose better external software or wait for 7.01 or 7.02 see more or in the end 7.1 - This is like roulette! I hope this communication and information catastrophe will end one day!!
What I really did not understand is, that boonex uses idev and will switch to D7 - so why not anounce the deleting from affiliate and offer to us a idev plugin?
They may bring it back but not for the 7.0 release. It's unfortinute but nothing we can do and nothing they will do for it at this time.
Yes mauriceano, it looks so. But the hope die at last.... and we can go with world-leaders JAM or iDEV to integrate into D7. I'm in contact with both of them. Will see whats coming out. And pixeltracking is always possible I think.
we also need the affiliate module!
I agree with the need for an affiliate module I was going to use affiliates to help pre-launch my site but with out it i'll have to go about it on my own
Yes on affiliate system built into Dolphin itself or as an add-in mod.
Has anyone tried porting affiliate from D6 to D7? what say, is it possible?
The d6 version didnt work at all, so what are the chances it would work in D7?
There is no change, because D7 has no affiliate mod build in.
Affiliate mod should be built in in dolphin 7 because it should work in future versions too (D8,...).
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