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Mike posted 25th of December 2009 in . 24 comments.

Your website is important to you! It is your statement to the world, and it is also very important to me to help my clients to achieve their desires for that "ideal"domain. My aim is your complete satisfaction with your experience using BoonEx software for your cherished site creations, so please allow me to simplify things and bring some semblance of order to the entire process to ensure that you have a fuller understanding of the steps to take to realize your dream.

With that in mind, I'd be very pleased if you selected me as your agent and allowed me to help guide you through these steps. I have acquired great experience with helping to assemble a capable complement of professional sources for help; from my BoonEx associates to teams and expert individuals across the globe!

I am pleased to confidently recommend a broad range of assistance for everything needed for your site - such as hosting, installation, support, customizing, software integrations, upgrades, database transfers/migrations, templating and more.

Reliable and fast technical support has now almost exclusively shifted to paid services, and I can offer my customers contact with truly accomplished assistance for problem resolution. Please be aware that I am very limited in my tech abilities. Although I do strive to help as much as possible, I will most generally refer you for solid help. In addition to some of our developers working as experts, I recommend the excellent services of Dolphin-Techs, comprised of a number of our truly gifted Experts for rapid responses and accurate support work.

My native language is English, and I can cover ground quickly and accurately when using Skype audio or phone contact, if a time can be arranged to conduct this. I am here M-F from 8am to 5pm GMT+6, which usually makes me available to our American and Canadian customers during the evening hours (their time) and mornings for our UK and European customers.

I will be more than willing to discuss your needs in a relaxed, congenial and assured manner, because I am solidly backed by our stellar experts and the superior BoonEx software. Skype can quickly get very busy, so your patience is much appreciated.

Agent - Mike (Boonex Pty Ltd)

Agent Hours: M-F 8am to 5pm GMT+6 (8pm to 5am Chicago - CST)

Email: Michael.Letcher@BoonEx.com

Skype: BoonexMike

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Great job! I look forward to speaking with you more.
Mike is great use him as yours and you will find he is the right choice.
After reading some posts of mike en the way he is profiling his self here give me the good feeling that he is the right guy for me as agent.
Thanks Mike, Need more helps from you
Always get great service from Mike, First class.
Thank You Mr. Letcher!!! You have always treated us professionally. We look forward to use your products and go live very soon.
Thanks Mike!

Mike delivers good feedback and gives always a fast response!
I personally don't think that you even deserve a full single star for either your communication skills or your support skills. You asked me for something and I responded to you 3 days ago and haven't heard 1 word since. It would be nice to know that since I did not choose the free version and I paid $100. for installation, It would be nice to actually know when they are planning on installing it on my server. I gave whomever full admin rights on my server and you still asked for more. I think that see more if the person whom is supposed to be installing dolphin does not know how to use a "sudo command", they need to pass the job onto someone else whom does. Or we need to talk about a full 100% installation refund, so that I can find someone who might actually know what he/she is doing when it comes to installing this product.
Hello Mike,

I need to change my username from "exemanagement" to "ilbellodelweb-agency".

How can I do?

Before I upgrade the license to the Premium level I would rename my account.

Thanks and looking your news
Great Support Thanks for the quickness that you gave. Michael
The Pro
Mike is a GREAT agent, he's easy to understand, fast, efficient and if you give him what he needs to help you, he can! Easy as that.
I need to get the free Spanish translation for version 7, I searched and all are paid, I hope you can help me, God bless you.
Thanks Mike. You were a great help, excellent service!
Excellent support and communication skills, highly recommend!
I personally think you lack poorly in Technical Support. If only one could give negative stars, as giving 1 star is probably too much to ask for. While I aimed at being as professional as I can be, I really think that his skills are absolutely useless, as help could not be given appropriately. Handing over all of my Admin Details for my website, only to be referred to a "developer" who never contacted me, certainly proved to be meaningless. I would not recommend this agent.
I agree with A1VideoAds, Mike is not very helpful. I purchased a license which does not appear under "my license" i asked Mike for help but the only answer i got was to look under "my License" , after letting him know i already did that and it is not there i had no response from him since ( more than a week ago). What a waste of money!
I need help... to remove BoonEx ads from your site and support Dolphin development.
Please read my email.
Hi Mike, is there any place for getting development pointers , documentation, meanings of the __What_is_this__ tags in the php templates? Where the album page generatio is?? It is turning into a little bit of a nightmare. TIA Bill
How long does it take for someone to answer a problem we have??? We are going on 3 days now with no communication or response.
hi, i paid the $99 for the site but in y account its shows a free lincese version what i do please suggest :(

Any news on my question. Does 7.0.3 patch these two vulnerabilites



We need to get this addressed if it doesnt

Mike, how come there is no aswer for 24 hours.
I understand u guyz can be pretty busy. Well in that case, posting a letter "i will be available for your problem on 11.11.1111, sory for the delay" say, would be a much better approach than just to keep the silence.

U guys got a pretty neat engine.
Don't mess that up with a poor support. In ur video you promised to be more communicative, open and social. Well - be that way.
My experience with Mike is very good.

One should understand that no one can answer ALL the questions one has.

If Mike doesn't know the answer right away, he'll ask around until he can solve the problem. This might take some days, but everyone should learn to be a little more patient. When all 660 of Mike's customers have just 1 problem, he'll be quite busy for a while :-)
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