All it takes is process of elimination,trial and error and a bit of common sense

slimgoody posted 14th of July 2010 in Community Voice. 4 comments.

First off I want to say Thank you to DeeEmm and Houstonlively for responding to a few of my questions and NOT responding to them as well. No, I'm not being funny at all; I'm being absolutely serious right now. Don't get me wrong when I was in the middle of needing that "quick answer," the "Not" responding part pissed me off. But now that I've accomplished what I needed to accomplish I truely want to thank you for leaving me hanging in certain areas.


What do I mean by this?

Well basically what I mean is that both of these people gave me enough information to build off of. They didn't just down right give me the answer. They made me take what they gave me, research it and learn how to do it on my own. I think this is the best way of showing someone how to do something. It's much more rewarding to figure it out on your own with just a "little" help. I now uderstand the reasoning behind NOT getting a straight forward answer.But I will admit that It would drive me crazy drinking in the small amount  of information they would give me. I would wonder to myself, "what the hell am I going to do with this crap." But what I realized was that I was motivated enough to use what was given and figure out the rest.


What did I accomplish?

I accomplished the changing of my URL. Houstonlively gave me the golden key to figuring this out,(thank you) It was all about that good old "permalink" and the "uri." (the uri was what I had to figure out on my own)

AAAANd now  I'm spent!  Building this Dolphin site was a huge headache but it was really fun. Now I'm going to take some time and I'm going to scope the forums to help people who are looking for a little assistance. I will say that for this being my first social networking site, it turned pretty damn good. 369 days is how long it took for me to get a basic understanding of how Dolphin works.Was it worth it? for the most part, yes it was.

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Don't give me too much credit. The reason I didn't give you a more complete answer, was because I didn't have one. I only knew of one thing that might help in your efforts. After I gave that 'drive by answer', I poked around in the relevant files for a while to see if I could come up with a brilliant suggestion, but really didn't learn anything that you didn't already know. Brilliant ideas sometime elude me. All I can say, is that some things that should be really simple to do, are not..... see more due to the convoluted way the Dolphin platform does a lot of its tasks.
And personally I really believe that alot of things that took me hours to figure out shouldn't even be as hard. (Like you stated)I mean for the most part, the script is pretty good once you get around the headache.
as HL has mentioned, sometimes the questions that are being asked, are just not something that has been focused on previously by anybody. since each site is as complicated as the site owner, there is no way to have an exact how-to on every question asked in these forums. coupled with the non-conventional syntax structure provided from the developer, you can end up with several different answers or no answers at all.

kudos, on getting your site running. many have been on the same route as you, see more and opt to blame the script for their incompetence, or overall lack of knowledge in regards to a dynamic environment such as Dolphin. I have seen so many come on here, and not even know what FTP was, with that minute amount of information, i can see where so many site attempts start and fail.

There are so many, who embark on the dolphin approach, with no more knowledge than geocities, or one of those other wysiwyg environments, and they believe they are going to launch a site, make millions, and take over the world. only to find out some months down the road, that this was not something that was going to come free, monetarily or effortlessly.

A successful Dolphin deployment, requires and demands dedication.

Well i better bug off this thing before i hit my 2000 character limit.

That was the realest comment I have had thus far. I started out in that same little boat some of the other members started out in. When I first begin the most experience I had was with WYSIWYG editors. I had NEVER built a site a day in my life, nor did I know anything about FTP clients. So believe me I was one of those lost souls that had no idea what I was doing when I first decided to use Dolphin a Year ago. I can totally understand where people begin and fail because it happened to me a thousand see more times with this script. I can't count how many times I gave up just to come back and begin again. Red Tape was all over the place for me with this site. And I assume it was like that because my site took sooooo much customization that It seemed as if I had to start from the bottom and make my way up through the entire script. I learned about "true" web development through Dolphin, (the basics anyway). I'm sure there are tons more I need to learn but for now, I think I have made a decent start. And the only real money I came out of pocket with is the template and the license, everything else was done by me, with a little guidance every once in a while.
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