Best way to check for under 18?

noman posted 28th of April 2008 in Community Voice. 5 comments.
I'm hoping someone could offer me some ideas or a tip/trick as to how to implement a check to allow people over the age of 18 to enter my site but not those under 18 yrs. I am thinking that a popup when the index.php page loads would not be a good idea because it would keep popping up every time someone goes to that page. Has anyone done this? I don't want to move the dolphin install to a subdir... Any ideas or tips would be greatly appreciated! Thank you :)
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A logical way would be to rename the Dolphin Index.php page to something, then create your own index splash page with a date of birth verification.

This is what many sites use, and really, their is no guarenteed way to verify age.
Another way is to create two types of memberships,

first, would be the default membership, mabey "Unverified" with complete limited access, and another "Verified" membership type, that you could say charge $1 for, once a member pays with their credit card, they get verified status.

This would be a more accurate way.
Thanks for the advice, Nucca! Wouldn't renaming Dolphin's index.php break things?
Maybe try a simple index.html page containing some link to your index.php ;-)

With the URL the server will open the index.html first if any...
Ha! Good point there, MichaelSwiss :)
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