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iced posted 12th of October 2008 in Community Voice. 15 comments.
Ihave just come back to see responses to my blog and the blog has been deleted. It had no obscene/rude/bad chat and it was all about ray and I was discussing my problem. It has been deleted by some administrator and no one has contacted me to explain why it has been deleted here. Can whoever deleted it pls contact me as now I cannot find the links or information I had on the blog. I am looking forward to your prompt response.
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Please note it was not me that deleted your blog post, however, if it related to support and questions regarding problems it would have been deleted by moderators for breaking the rules of the blogs. Problems with any boonex products should be discussed in the forums not the blogs
an explanation should have been put as I now have lost all the information I had there. That is just absolutely frustrating and insensitive. NOW I have to go about collecting all information again thanks to the moderator who thought it wise to delete it without contacting me prior to deleting. This is annoying and I am totally cheesed off.
You didn't see that huge pop up that says not NOT post support questions here??
you click an "i accept and understand the rules" box before posting a blog, there is a Ray forum for ray questions.
# Forums are for discussions and collaboration. Post in Forums ONLY in case your issue needs group input.
# Blogs are for opinions, news, ideas. Post in Blogs ONLY if you have something to tell about the topic.
# Posts requesting assistance should not be used as a topic in the blog but should be addressed in the appropriate forum section, and must provide the following see more details:

* Problem description
* Version of software
* Type of license(s)
* Access information (i.e. membership), screenshot(s) if/where appropriate

what part didnt you understand? have you checked to see if it was moved to the forums?
well you are very smart aren't you? look at other blogs and see if I am the only one... I am a moderator of many forums, I just move the post to the right place not delete.

What part of that simple act can a moderator not do?

I was the one that blocked the BLOG posting, as I did with others today as well. I saw that you emailed me as well.

The reason the blog was blocked, was it should be posted in the forums, and I am sure if you are a moderator, you know its not possible to transfer a BLOG posting to a forum.

I had submitted a response to your blog, via the blog prior to blocking it.

You were NOT singled out, or being picked on, I have limited time each day to attend to moderation as I tend to spend see more more of my time in the forums to assist people.

Just remember this rule, if its a question you are asking, then most likely it belongs in the forums.

we can all play the -1 game, guess what? you'll loose, you can only take one of each of us, when 5 of us return the favor, you loose -5 i have given everyone a +1 so guess what?

lol do the math and grow up ffs, you were given the reasons why, just accept it and learn from this online experience, have a nice day.

Thank you for actually taking the time to answer me... I can understand your point and perfectly understand your actions. I was close to ordering rms from the services you offer however as I have almost 1TB of space and 1TB of bandwith per month, I decided to do it myself and although I was very close, I did not do it... thus the questions. OK, I was naive not to follow the rules as I just ticked the box and that is my error there. I am a moderator on many forums (not boonex based forusm see more hough). Also the faustration is that I "trolled" through boonex to find the info on my blog and now I have to do it again which is precious time for those of us who do not have such time.

I moderate a lot of forums where the posts are in the wrong place and the Universal rule is to move it to the right place as a moderator and either leave a note it is moved or some kind or hint that the poster has to delete the post and repost it somewhere else. OK, boonex does not allow moderators to do move posts however a comment for me to delete it and repost would have being as efficient. Thanks for the mail btw.

As for Samie just get a life... I have no time for you... you are -1 cos you did not bother rectifying the problem or finding a resolution. You should grow up and sort out your problems and try making better/more constructive comments or yet get off your PC and explore the world! Do you really think that +/-1 orr +/-1000 makes me a happy bunny? I am not like you... I do not get a kick off simplistic mechanisms that do not actually affect me in real life. I have seen your comments to a lot of ppl here and you (in my perspective) are just a bloody waste of time. People like you make the whole boonex experience a bitter after taste. Boonex is good. the community is great so far but you are just the awful irrelevant non constructive garbage that corrupts a community. Sad indeed.
i speak the truth, truth hurts you huh?, i did give you a reply to your question, as did others and my reply was the correct reply.

you came back with the shitty comments to me and the childish act of giving -1 to everyone that gave you the correct reply, so clearly +/-1 does bother you, its a game you like to play.

you just didnt like a woman coming back at your shitty comment and act like someone is pissing on your parade.
you dont need my help to look stupid, your doing a fine job by yourself.

oh see more and i have a life, i am also one of the Experts in RMS installation, enjoy reading my advice on RMS installation, you need me more than i need you boy.

have a nice day
you obviously have a problem in reality... you take out your problems online.

Keep on living in your cocoon of self righteousness....

And comment about women... lol when did that come in, I never even looked at your profile. Good luck with your men issues too. hahaha! Feel free to continue posting your worthless tripe.

As I said, sour taste in the mouth.
Hello iced!

As you were kindly answered by Sammie and CyberXing -
blog post which aren't suitable for the blog rules will be deleted without any explanation. If moderators will move from one section to another then users will not be encouraged to post problems where it is most appropriate.

Hope it is explained reason of your blog deleting. Attention to all members - new message in this posts shouldn not contain any offenses/provocations. Let's live in peace!
Hello LeonidS

Thank you indeed for your explanation. I have always used forums for my problems...

Here are the examples





6. see more

I unfortunately cannot remember when... but I read a post referring that problems should be discussed on Blogs thus my first blog (i.e. the blog that was deleted).

You stated "Attention to all members - new message in this posts shouldn not contain any offenses/provocations. Let's live in peace!". I acknowledge that I am a cause of upsetting the peace and I do apologise for that.

BTW thanks to CYBERXING who has been working offline (ie outside this blog) with me to solve this problem. Thank you very much indeed.



Your Welcome :-)

I don't want to get into an argument with any of you.

I just want to say last time I posted a blog there actually was no warning to click on at least for the browser I use.

So I was under the impression that there was no read this and agree to this type of thing. I mean we all should have some morals, but I didn't see any warning the last post.

I have moderated forums in the past, I won't get into where and all that. But each forum, blog, post whatever is different. Some of the crappy ones see more you can't just disable them or turn them off so others can't see. I am wondering if that is the case here. It would be quite simple to just disable/turn off a post so others can't see it. Notify a member and say hey clean this xxx up.

But if this site is similarly based on dolphin it wont work that way. There is no moderation or turning off, or only allowing x membership to view. Which is what it actually should be. So many simple scripts allow this.

Anyway I'd be a little p'd off too. Maybe in the future they will implement some additional features for the moderators on this site.


Yes the moderation tools are something that needs to be worked on , and if you remember the old system this is light years ahead, as it has moderator abilities.

I have tried to copy the base text in a blog and send to the author prior to blocking it, but to be honest sometimes I am just too busy and on limited time.

I try to read into the post, and if I feel it has been covered in the forums then I block it if it doesnt belong in the blogs.

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