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iced posted 16th of October 2008 in Community Voice. 6 comments.

The rules for blogs as described here states what is not allowed. That is totally understandable however regarding addressing general issues that may (or may not) be regarded as problems (eg depending on the perception of the reader) there seems to be a grey area. This is the use of blogs as "Project Management Tools".

Let me explain. One may be modifying (or tinkering with) dolphine to be a bespoke solution for a bespoke community. And the person may want a blog to keep track of mods done and obstacles/issues to solve for his personal use (i.e. project management tool) and for like minded people (some sort of guide). That may be seen as "Posts requesting assistance" because such blog has issues referred to (that can be solved).

This allows the following issue to develop.  For example if one posts a problem on his/her blog but does NOT request for assistance, then does this break the rules?

Why am I asking this? I do not know why other members frequent but I login to access the pool of knowlege. I would also like to have like a facility to use to:-

1. log; and

2. track my projects or developments (including issues).

To a small extent, Forums do this however the use of Forums for this is not the most adequate facility for one to track their own developments as Blogs do.

If blogs are used as "project management tools" on Boonex to allow the user to reference to their boonex software related activity, this then brings up the problem of double posting or double entry.

Clause/point 7 of the rules state "Double posts or repetitive posting of the same point over and over are not allowed and will not help your argument."

The issue here is double posting. "repetitive posting of the same point over and over " is not really helpful indeed however, double posting as seen on this blog is very useful to him and also other like minded people such as myself. He is tackling problems that I need to tackle or I am tackling.

For the site developers of the BOONEX site, a suggestion is for another tool to be there were ppl can log their activity for others to see. Maybe it may be worth removing "commenting" facility so people cannot use it to ask questions (similar to "My Blog" but with no commenting facility). This will definitely solve the "Project Management tool" thingy I am talking about. It will also be a very good way to track certain users' progress through different dolphin based projects.


p.s I hope this blog flows properly as it has taking me 3 days to write it

I have written this in a such a way that it should not break any rules or hopefully be seen as bad. If it does, please notify me before deleting it so that I can back it up.

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I agree with your post, but do you see how many blogs you have created that easily this could have been part of. ??

Why wouldn't you have posted this in one of the prior 3 blogs regarding rules of posting and the blogs ??

Is it that everyone wants to feel like they own the blog?? or they dont want to be part of another blog posting ?


and notice to your disclaimer, I wont delete it. :-)
Pls correct me if I am wrong. From your three questions, I believe you main question is why ppl (like myself) post on their blog rather than the others?

In my case, I actually wrote 95% of the blog before you posted yours and the second chap posted his.

My topic is just a little bit different, in my perception from the other blogs that discuss rules. I am not trying to make a case for blogging and rule breaking, rather I am making a case to Boonex to develop/build another facility that allows see more ppl to log their tasks. You cannot use forums to log your task and it seems the only way to publically log your task/project is via blog (The other way is blog draft but then no other member sees it). It one then logs their project tasks on blogs it actually breaks the rules so for an individual like myself, it makes the blog function on boonex rather defunct.

Why defunct? Because all a user can use the blog for is non project based (and to an extent... especially for new users/developers etc, non Boonex-product related) blogging. A user then is left with limited use for blogs.

To me, there is therefore the need for an alternative facility and this is different from the other/previous blogs
ICED, those are very astute observations and I agree.
We have an "Answers" section, i fail to see the point in that when all it is is people asking questions that should be posted in the forums.
If anything, that would be perfect for your needs if it was renamed and reworked, so as to remove user commenting ability from it, and only allow the owner to post in it, but would still be visible for the rest of the members to view and read.
maybe rename it "My Answers"
Some people have way to much time on their hands and unfortunately focus on the minors and not the majors in life.

What would make good sense is to just add a search and advanced search for the blogs here.

Its a community that is what it is and it will despite what you want take its own direction. The key is trying to have enough framework in place for normal people that are not complete nerds to be able to follow.
Not sure about all the hype, but it would certainly be nice to be able to actually search the blogs here like you mention. It is almost impossible to search them by clicking on a key term or tag or whatever it is we are calling them these days.
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